I started today off with 50 emails in my inbox, and now I’m down to 39. Hooray! I find I’m running out of things to say. I think I should call it a night for email writing, though. One’s hands can only take so much.

This weekend has been very uneventful… which is nice compared to the high stress I’m feeling at work. This week is going to be no better and possibly even worse. I try not to think about it. Yesterday I took the SLR camera my grandparents gave me (it’s like 30 years old!) and shot a roll of film, just to see if the camera still works. The pictures did come out nicely, so I now have an SLR camera. I also broke down this weekend and bought a digital camera, a Canon A520. So now I have no more excuses for not having pictures. It’s funny, but I have very little picture-documentation from the past three years of my life when I haven’t had a camera. I don’t think I could scrapbook them if I tried (I spent hours scrapbooking my freshman year of college; my goal was to do that every year, but then my camera broke). Speaking of which, if anyone has pictures from graduation and/or Frankie and Anna’s wedding (or any other pictures that I’d like) PLEASE send them to me!!

I’ve been reading like crazy recently. So fast I haven’t even gotten time to update the “currently reading” section of the sidebar. I have been reading through my Mary Stewart books, which is always fun. I really like her as an author. I need to try and find some more. They’re fun to find because since they’re old, the best place to get them are thrift stores and garage sales. My two most recent acquisitions I got from the thrift store in Upland for only a quarter a piece. :-) And there’s something about those old books, published in the 50s and 60s… I love them! And with the font and layout of the pages… yeah you know I’m going to mention that… it’s so distinctive. They’re treasures to be found!

On that note I’m going to bury myself in my most recent treasure, This Rough Magic. Tootles!

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