a wedding weekend

a wedding weekend

Ah, I finally get around to blogging about my weekend! In a short synopsis, it was amazing! I had such a great weekend. I’ll try to summarize.

Paul got here to Atlanta on Thursday night at 1 am. I was actually feeling quite sick on Thursday and so the wait at the airport was not fun. It was great to see him though, and we made it back to my apartment at 2 am. I did not want to wake up to go to work, but I managed to do it. I took Paul around to meet all my coworkers, and then he drove back to my apartment while I tried to get as much done as possible in the half day I was working.

Paul picked me up from work, and we took the cats to the boarding place, and then set off to Indiana. It was a long drive, but we relaxed and took our time. We finally arrived 12 hours after I left work, and it was sooo good to see Ann!! We ended up staying up talking until who knows when – 4 am or something. I hadn’t really gotten a chance to see/talk to her since she got back from Spain so it was great to catch up.

Saturday morning we got up, got dressed, talked some more, and then left for Frankie and Anna’s wedding! It was a great wedding and I am so glad I went. Afterwards, all the Taylor people who went to the wedding went to Fazzoli’s for dinner. It was wonderful seeing everyone again, and I wished I could have spent more time with everyone. After dinner, Tree and Dan, Sopeak and Zay, Ann, Paul, and I all stood in the parking lot talking for like 2 hours. It was great.

Sopeak and Zay and Paul and I went to see Herbie (the movie) afterwards, and right as we walked out of the theater my phone rings! It’s Beth, and she says, “Ashley, I have a baby girl!”

I was estatic to hear the news and wanted to tell everyone but it was 11 pm. Paul and I decided to stop by and see them on our way south the next morning. Little Olivia was only 18 hours old, and she was so adorable. I am so glad we stopped. I am also glad that Beth has posted pictures on her blog.

Paul and I decided to take I-75 all the way home, and it was beautiful. It’s more mountainous than I-65, which means you can’t use cruise control. But it was fun and I’m happy to say that we got gas for $1.95 in Kentucky. That’s cheaper than Georgia!

We spent the 4th of July with my friends in Buford, the Garrisons, playing Phase 10 and watching fireworks in the rain. It was a pleasant day, to end an amazing weekend.

I miss spending time with my Taylor friends, and I’m glad to be in Atlanta (versus Orlando) so it’s more probable for me to head up to Indiana for the weekend. I’m excited for the next wedding… who’s it gonna be?? ;-)

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