I can’t believe it’s 2 pm already… I have been very lazy today. I really want to work on my crosstitch and the websites, but my right arm has been hurting me a lot. It always hurts bad whenever I use it too much.

On Friday Lewis and Ebony came to work with me. Fun! It was “picture day”; we’re working on a page on our website that introduces all the employees. It’s so our customers can put a name to a face. We were trying to get fun, crazy shots that described our personality, and they convinced me to bring in my cats. :-) I felt like a model, standing with all the lights around doing different poses as the camera clicked away. I think Lewis enjoyed it too. :-) When that page of the website is done, I’ll be sure to post a link!

Friday was a day of difficult customers. Usually I can handle them just fine, but Friday it seemed to be overwhelming. I think the most frustrating thing is when they lie to make us look like we aren’t doing our job. For example, one guy said he called three times and left messages for me which I never got. Our company is not that big and our system works pretty well, so we very rarely have phone calls slip through the cracks. Now, I could see if he called once… but three times? Maybe he is telling the truth, but I doubt it. He also kept saying that nothing was attached to the email I sent him, but that wasn’t true either – I went to my “sent” folder and there was very definitely an attachment on both emails. But of course I have to be nice and I sent the email again. Now on Monday I have to call him again because the ad is due to the printer on Tuesday.

I’m getting excited about Frankie and Anna’s wedding, which is one week from today!! That means Paul will be here in 6 days. :-) Also, I invited the president of my company and her husband (the manager) over for dessert some evening, so I’m looking forward to that. I’m going to make my world-famous brownies. Hehe…. I never made them much when I lived in Indiana, but in high school I made brownies ALL the time. I know what you’re thinking, she can cook! But really, I almost enjoy baking. I used to take them whenever we had a party or something, and I’d never tell anyone that I was the one who made them, even if they asked me. I’m weird like that.

Okay enough reminiscing. I need to go shopping, and buy some cocoa and other brownie ingredients (no box mixes for me!). Anyone else want to come over? ;-)

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