messy messy messy

messy messy messy

I’ve been living in a pig sty. My laziness has gotten out of hand. My apartment is a wreck! Okay, it’s not as bad as it could be, but I desperately need to take out the trash and do dishes. I don’t like living in a messy apartment, but I have no motivation to clean. Maybe tomorrow night I will dub it a cleaning night and open all the windows and get some air moving.

So four of the six fishies have died. :-( I’m wondering what I did wrong.

It’s been crazy busy at work. Let me tell you, the most difficult customers we have are the people from New York. I have been having such trouble with them. Moreso than any other area they are rude and difficult to work with. Like this one job… I have been very patient with him, giving him ample time to review his ad and get back to me… I have called him to remind him, but not enough to be annoying… Then as the deadline approached I started being a little more firm… and he gets mad and cancels his ad. He “couldn’t handle the pressure”. Sheesh, how frustrating is that!!

I keep reminding myself that there are lots of good, nice people to counteract the frustrating people. Even some good, nice people in New York!

I think I haven’t felt very enthusiastic about much recently. I am a bit lonely, and tired of waiting… But I know that it just takes time to find a good church and friends. *sigh*

Days till I see Paul: 14!

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