I unpacked my last box today! Well my winter clothes are still packed, but I did go through them. :-) I even unpacked all of my great-grandmother’s china. I organized all my little knick-knacks (paddywack) on my bookcase shelves and it looks awesome. :-) I pulled out a bunch of the beach stuff that I had been collecting last summer for my wedding which ended up not happening. Hooray that I can use it as decoration and not feel sad! Tomorrow after I vacuum I promise to take pictures. :-)

I also got some more fish today. I packed up my big aquarium about a year ago because I knew I would be moving too much to be able to keep it set up. Finally, I decided to fill it again and get some more fish! This time I got 3 fancy guppies (with pretty yellow tails with black spots!) and 3 tequila sunrise guppies. Yup, I have alcoholic fish. :-) When I saw the name, I thought, “I have to get these!” Fortunately for me they are also very pretty, yellow with bright orange on the tips of their tails. Pictures to come!

A few days ago I set up my tea shelf, which originally belonged to my great-grandmother. I have fourteen of her old teacups and saucers, and one of mine that I received as a bridesmaid gift at Tree’s wedding. :-)

My favorite is the one with purple flowers (go figure!).

I also really like the one with blue flowers. It reminds me of Tree.

The tea cup I got from Tree isn’t in the picture since I just added it tonight. If you look at the top right section of the shelf you’ll notice that there is a cup missing; I later found out that the saucer is actually part of my great-grandmother’s china. I can’t wait to add to this collection; I’m so girly. :-)

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