change again

change again

Okay, this new template should work perfectly in both IE and Firefox (and Safari!). So if anyone continues to have problems, then let me know. But yeah. I changed my mind about the other template and got one that looked a little cleaner in my opinion. :-) And also one that didn’t have problems with looking right in multiple browsers. I even made a cool header! And changed the look and feel of my comments. And per Paul’s request put the picture of me back up. (Happy now, Paul?)

Everyone should check out the Photo of the Week at SpreadFirefox. Hooray! I’ve been there. :-)

I’m glad it’s Friday! This week has been really busy. We have 3 print runs a month (which is when all the files are due to the printer), one being this week. The files were technically due on Tuesday, with yesterday being like the “you give me an approval now or I’m canceling your ad”. I had so much trouble reaching these two stores – one store didn’t have any English speakers (why they’re running an ad in English I don’t know) which made it more difficult. But I got both approvals!! After a busy past few days of trying to contact customers and do corrections and explain to them why it costs $300 to print their logo in color, I haven’t had time to work on any new ads. I wanted to get a headstart on the next print run because I know they’re going to creep up on me before I know it. Today finally I was able to clear all of them off my desk, which made me really happy.

That was a long story to not say much. I have a busy weekend ahead, with my cousin Alan coming over on Sunday for dinner. I set up my fish tank (the 5 gallon one) yesterday so tomorrow my plan is to go get some more fishies. :-) I have some little things around the apartment I’d like to do before he comes – hang my pictures, unpack the last few boxes, wash the dishes. I really do enjoy cleaning but I get lazy during the week. I need motivation like “company’s coming!” to get me to be thorough.

So on Sunday I should have a clean enough apartment to take pictures :-) And then I will post them on my blog for all to admire.

Now I’m motivated to do a little unpacking. So long for now!

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