Well it was another late night for me last night. I got home at 3 – so only an 11 hour shift instead of 13. I am quite sleepy. Again I had trouble going to sleep, and I had to wake up early to take my cats to the vet for some routine shots.

By the way, thanks for all your responses to my Valentine’s post. I am going to write a follow-up on the same topic, but later. I’m too tired to think right now.

Frankie, I’m not working for a textbook company specifically, but for a publisher who takes the text from a company and puts it all in the correct pages and then sends the books to the printer. Right now, I’m working with a client called Sopris West doing reprints to the teacher’s guide for an ESL book. Before that, I was working on stuff for a client named Holt, Rinehart and Winston, but it was material specifically for California. (I guess each state produces their own textbooks?)

At work, when I’m printing my pages I usually go stand by the printer and watch them come out. The printer is one of those big fancy ones that doubles as a copier (and probably other things too). While it’s printing it has a message on the screen that says, “Printing Job. To make copies, press Interrupt.” It cracks me up because I always read it as “To make copies, please Interrupt.” I don’t know why I find that so funny. Maybe it’s because I’m getting little sleep. :-)

I still really like what I’m doing. A lot. I’m going to look for a job doing specifically this. I also like working second shift. I never dreamed that I would go to a job and be alert for the whole shift (or at least the first 8 hours… I think I’m allowed to get sleepy after that. :-)). I wish more of the world included second shift. I think people would be more productive if they were allowed to work when they were most alert. And it would be nice if working second shift didn’t mean that you had to miss out on a lot of stuff that happens during the evenings.

Well I’m off to have an hour of personal time before I have to go to work again. :-)

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