5 am and blogging

5 am and blogging

Hello, ya’ll. It’s 5 am. No, I didn’t just wake up – I actually just got home from work. That’s right. I just got home from my shift that started at 3 pm. That’s over 13 hours at one time, and I have 10 hours before I have to be back there. So technically I’m not even going to be able to get a good nights’ sleep tonight.

Why am I not in bed you ask? Well in an attempt to stay alert enough to do the work that was required of me, I have downed 2 20 oz bottles of Mountain Dew and a cup of hot chocolate. And if anyone knows how caffeine affects me, I’m not sleepy. I am glad I was awake for the drive home, but going to sleep now would be good…

I’m a bit delirious right now. :-p I think if my friends were around I would get really hyper and say all sorts of stupid, incoherant things. I probably would be up for another few hours if there were people around. :-) It’s probably a good thing I’m alone.

So Paul, it’s a good thing you weren’t waiting for me to call you when I got home. :-)

Lalala By the way I really like what I’m doing. At work, that is. I’m making corrections for a teacher’s guide for an ESL textbook. It’s tedious, but I enjoy it. Although I REALLY would like to be moved to a G5. The speed of the computer I was using started matching the speed of my brain around 3:30 or so, so that was a good thing. They said that they were going to put me on a G5 tomorrow. :-)

Okay bedtime… Gotta be up in 8 hours to go back to work… Cheerio, faithful readers… I will soon be in deep slumber dreaming of margins and page guides and 4p3.5 spacing. :-)

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