the daily grind

the daily grind

Since I got back from the wedding, I have been hitting the job search full force. I think getting that interview encouraged me, and with Paul’s help, I am no longer afraid of cover letters or of giving people the link to my online portfolio.

I am mostly been looking in Orlando, and I’ve applied to 6 jobs so far. I’ve only gotten to mail one resume… It wasn’t for a job I particularly think is “perfect”, but I just wanted to use the fancy paper I have and the CDs I bought.

Oh, for all your job seekers out there, here is some advice:
* Never go anywhere without your business cards. You never know who you’re going to meet. (Case in point: At Tree’s wedding, I ran into a graphic designer, and I really wish I had had my business cards with me so I could have given him one. I could have put them in my purse. See, Joanna? Purses are useful. ;-))

What I like is having my electronic portfolio on a CD the size of a business card, which I can keep in my purse and give out. Not only does it have my contact information, but it also has a collection of all my work, which is what an employer looks at when he hires a graphic designer. Besides, the CDs are cute. :-)

Other daily things: I usually talk to Paul online in the morning, then eat lunch, then pick up my sister from school. In between those times, I work on searching for jobs, writing cover letters, and tweaking my resume and portfolio. I will also do chores like washing dishes and cleaning the cat box. After my sister gets home from school, we often do something together, like go to the store or to the library. In the evenings, I watch M*A*S*H at 7:00 and 7:30, because I’m obsessed with that show. Sometimes I read, other times I watch TV or a movie, and usually I end my evening talking to Paul on the phone. Some things I wish I did more often were keeping the house clean, learning how to cook, and working out at the Y. Well – I don’t wish I was learning how to cook, but I feel an obligation know how to cook. Besides, I got lots of shiny new pots for my birthday. Fun stuff. :-)

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