redheads of the world: unite!

redheads of the world: unite!

Anne Shirley once said her red hair would be her “lifelong sorrow”. That is one thing I disagree with her on. I love my red hair, and I always have.

I was born with red hair. Everyone told my mom that it would be brown by the time I was 2 years old.

Obviously, it didn’t ever fade and I’m still a redhead.

I love having red hair, even if when living in Latin America (and, sadly, Orlando) I stand out. I’ve gotten used to people saying, “I was trying to find you all in the crowd, and then I saw Ashley’s hair.” It’s nice to know I’m easily visible (unless of course there are snipers after me).

The reason for this subject is that I discovered a new think in the market of shampoo. You see, there’s this fancy shampoo out called “sheer blonde” and “brilliant brunette”, but there is nothing for redheads! I was really sad – I wanted special shampoo too. Then I discovered that Pantene has come out with new “Pantene Pro-V Expressions”. AND – if you click on that link – you will see that they have RED expressions!! I was so excited. Shampoo for redheads!

I had gotten a sample at the store the other day, and I decided to try it this morning. It smells good! We’ll see if my hair has 79% less color fade. :-) Of course, I have a hard time believing that there actually needs to be a special shampoo for redheads… especially when it says on the bottle that it doesn’t dye your hair and it’s for people whose hair is both natural and dyed. They could have a case by saying that redheads have a different texture of hair and this is specially formulated for them, but oh well. I’m just excited that there is something for redheads. :-)

Oh, yes, if you ever want to buy something for me, here is a good site to check out: Realm of Redheads. :-)

** As I was googling “redheads”, I found lots of cool sites and got very distracted. :-) I like being proud of my red hair!

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