extreme makeover

extreme makeover

So tonight I watched with my family “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. I that is definitely my favorite of all the reality shows they have. Yes, Sara, even better than Wife Swap. ;-) I just wish I could have seen more of the decorating part and less of the construction. When I was little, I was big into themes. I wanted my room to be in a princess theme, with a canopy bed. I wanted it to be pink. I liked pink. :-)

My mind was whirling with ideas. I know I have a decorative knack in me. So, what can I do to my own house? I don’t have the unlimited budget, but I firmly believe that you can decorate a house nicely without all the fancy gadgets they have in Extreme Makeover. The only problem with decorating my own house is that my mom has some firm ideas, and it’s hard to change her mind. My mom and I don’t work well together when I’m the designer – we have different tastes, and I honestly don’t think she trusts me to make something look nice. Ah, I could talk for a while about this. :-p

In other news, I have been working hard on my electronic portfolio. I did a complete redesign and I think it looks better. I also found an awesome font called “Performa” I will be happy to finish with this so I can start mailing my resumé to various jobs.

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