My dad is having survery right now for a detached retina in his right eye. I wasn’t worried about it until last night, when my normally laid back dad was tense and worried, walking around not sure what to do. My mom at one point was telling him to “calm down and don’t think about it”. I think the fact my dad was worried hit me.

It’s hard when your parents start getting old and you can see their health degenerating. My parents aren’t “old” by any means, but recently they’ve been plagued with various maladies. My mom suffers from acid reflux disease which bars her from eating a lot of her favorite foods, including chocoalte, citrus fruits, caffeine, and coffee. Seven months ago my dad had cataracts in his eyes which he had to have removed. Now he’s in surgery for detached retina.

Well I need to work on being a good little daughter and clean up the house. :-p I’m so good about keeping my own apartment clean but so bad about cleaning my house when I’m at home. I still have not unpacked from Taylor yet.

update on my sister’s moth: still in the coccoon

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