Taylor tragedy

Taylor tragedy

Apparently, when the lights go out, some think it’s an invitation for leaving all common sense and intelligence behind and reverting back to true human nature Lord of the Flies style.

Thursday night/Friday morning Upland, Indiana experienced a planned “power failure” (as Matt called it) because the electric company had to replace a main switch (or something). We all knew this was happening, and apprently some of the students at Taylor had more dark plans than any of the administration excpected.

I found all this out at the mandatory meeting President Gyertson held Friday night (the following evening). I was shocked to know the truth. Basically, students went crazy. Some started a bonfire, forcing the Upland Fire Department to come and put it out. During the night, five buildings on campus were broken into, including two of the girls’ dorms. In Olson Hall, many male members ran through the halls completely naked, scaring and disturbing many of the girls who lived there. One room was broken into and robbed. Explicit vandalism occurred in the other buildings (the dining commons, Ayres, and the library). Many of the Christmas decorations were removed and destroyed, and several doors in the five buildings were damaged. They estimate about 200 people were involved last night in all the activities. I was saddened at the general disrespect that the students had for the campus safety officer (who was, at one point, mooned by fifteen guys) and other members of the administration trying to handle the situation.

How did this happen? I don’t know of anyone who was involved, and I don’t know any motives, and I don’t want to spread untrue rumors. My heart just breaks for those who were affected by the actions of a group of immature and disrespectful students. The maintenance and cleaning staff who had to clean up. The girls in Olson and English halls who have to deal with intruders. The DC staff who had to clean up and replace decorations. The campus safety officers who were trying to control the situation, only to be openly mocked, jeered at, and threatened. And most of all, the surrounding community who see Taylor as a Christian school. They aren’t going to look at us and say, “Well you have to realize that it was only 200 students out of 1800, so most aren’t that way.” I think I can sum it up in the words of the Matthews police department, who were asking if they could come help last Thursday night: “We want a piece of those Taylor hypocrites.”

I don’t even know how to end this post. I am sad, and frustrated with the immaturity of some Taylor students. It all seems more than a prank gone too far.

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