confused ashley

confused ashley

It’s 8:35 am, and I am blogging. Why is this, do you ask? Let me tell you. You see, I have some time to kill before my 9:00 class. I generally do not have time to kill, because I usually sleep till the last possible moment.

I woke up today and noticed my clock said 8:16. I jumped out of bed and rushed to be dressed and ready for class. It was 8:25 and I was just about to head out the door when my roommate said, “You’re up awful early”. I was really confused, because I had thought something seemed funny, but no, I had to be at my destination by 8:30 and both my watch and my clock testified that I had only five minutes.

Then I realized, and felt stupid. It’s only 8:25, why am I rushing out the door for a 9:00?? I had plenty of time. When I could have been sleeping. I couldn’t figure it out, why was I so obsessed with 8:30? This isn’t the first time this has happened, although it is the first time I’ve actually gotten out of bed. Then I figured it out – this summer, work started at 8:30.

So it’s now I’m mad because I could have been sleeping but instead, I am sitting at my computer fully ready for the day and with 20 minutes left till class. Argh.

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