life as it happens

life as it happens

I think I am going to stop eating in the DC for lunch. Because my class doesn’t get out until 12:30, I always get there as people are leaving. One day last week, I sat with two Gerig people who talked to each other the entire time and didn’t even acknowledge me. Today, Matt sat with me and then someone else (a freshman) sat down. Matt (who had been done with his lunch for quite some time) left, and as soon as he did, the freshman was like “I’m going to move to the other table”, and she did, leaving me sitting at the table alone. I guess to me it’s like an unspoken DC rule that you don’t EVER leave a table and leave someone alone, even if you don’t particularly know that person. It just made me sad.

Also, my theory that girls would notice my new glasses was disproved. No one noticed them except people who already knew about them. Oh well. I still like them.

To answer a question: You’re not crazy; there were two posts up that I took away. I’m surprised that people actually saw them… But they were very emotional posts and I realized that I shouldn’t be quite so honest for the whole world to read. So I took both posts away… and then I put the one back up, about my new glasses.

On a different note, everyone should wish JOANNA a very happy birthday because today is her birthday. :-) I would put a link to her blog, but she doesn’t have one, so I will just say if you know who she is then you probably have her email address or cell phone number. And so you should take time to wish her a good one. :-)

I ordered the plexiglass for my show today. And I also got the information about printing the invitations. Yikes, they said they are so busy it’s going to take a week turnaround. That’s kinda too late, but what can I do?

I fell asleep in class today. I couldn’t for the life of me keep my eyes open. All day today people have been telling me I look tired. I don’t even feel I went to bed all that late… Maybe it’s just stress. I want this show to be dooone… I’m tired of working on it.

Now I’m all complainy. It’s time for me to take a nap. Sleepy sleepy… zzzzz -_-

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