Beautiful Orlando

Beautiful Orlando

When my parents moved here three years ago, I wasn’t crazy about this place. Too many Latinos. Too hot. And most of all, I was from GEORGIA. I might be crazy and mixed up inside, but I know that Atlanta is my home. Whenever anyone has asked me where home is, I’ve been able to say “Atlanta”. So having parents who live in Orlando and having to put that as my permanent address instead of my grandmother’s address in Atlanta made me mad.

Things have changed in three years, and things are changing… and things will change. Some things I’ve observed:
1) I’ve lost my Atlanta identity somewhat. My grandparents are moving, and they’re my last ties of this city. I still love it there, but I realize that whenever I go back, I won’t be visiting people, but stuck in a hotel somewhere. Sadness. :-(
2) The only consistent home I’ve known is going to be gone shortly. All my life we’ve always come back to my grandmother’s house in Cartersville, Georgia. Whenever we’ve visited the States, that has been our home base. We’ve never flown in anywhere else. I have lived in that house countless times as we were “between housing” or visiting the country for a short period of time. Thank goodness my grandparents don’t charge rent. :-)
3) After living in the midwest, I’ve realized how much I love the south. I love the accent, the greenery, the familiarity, the mountains, the food :-p. The weather. :-) I love the south.
4) Most importantly, after living in Indiana, Orlando is looking pretty good. And my family is here. I do miss them a lot when I’m at school. I just wish I didn’t have to sacrifice all friendships and relationships in order to be here with my family.

My favorite part of Orlando is my house. It’s on a lake and is gorgeous. We have lots of animals – ducks, tons of geckos, squirrels, birds. I love the greenery of this place. The grass, the trees, and my favorite (which isn’t really green but I love it nonetheless), Spanish moss. I love the huge old trees around Orlando, and the palm trees and palmetto bushes as you get closer to the beach. I love all the lakes although they do make the roads windy. I love the daily rain showers that last for half an hour at most. Only in Florida does it rain in the back yard and not in the front (I swear! i’ve seen it!). I love the heat here… Even in 110 degree weather sitting in traffic in an un-airconditioned car with humidity that makes my hair curl. Well, I can’t say I LOVE that, but it sure as heck beats freezing my butt off just trying to get to dinner in Indiana. I love it when my cheeks are slightly pink after spending time outside (makes me feel healthy – the whole playing in the sun, getting your Vitamin D thing). I love the sunshine, I love the warmth, I love being able to ride the convertible with the roof down… Sporting my awesome sunglasses and blasting the music.

I wouldn’t say I’m quite a “Florida girl” but I’m getting there. Each time has been progressively harder to go back to Indiana. This fall will be the worse. I am glad it’s my last time to force myself, though. :-) And the best thing is that Paul comes tomorrow to ease my lonely heart for a week. I love him. I love my house. I love Orlando (never thought I’d say that). Life is good. :-) May the summer never end!

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