God made all kinds of people with different tastes. That is good, because otherwise we would all try to crowd in the same state, whichever state that is. I must say that I really do dislike Indiana. It’s not that I’m trying to say everyone should hate it, or that it’s an awful state. I mean, if you like the cornfields and the lack of trees and the flatness, then I congratulate you on finding the land of your desires. :-) As for me, my heart lies in the South. I’ll take the heat over the cold any day. Interesting, Frankie, that you should mention “old people” because when I think about the people of Florida that I come across on a regular basis, I don’t see an overwhelming amount of old people. Maybe you’ve been more in Ft. Lauderdale or retirement villages along the coast?

Indiana for me represents a lot of unhappy things in my life. I know these aren’t because of the state, but because of my life at Taylor. For one, I love animals and Indiana represents me not having a pet (especially a cat). I miss having a cat – a lot. People who don’t love pets can’t understand what it’s like for an animal lover to be without animals. There’s some sort of purpose lost, if that makes sense.

Indiana also represents people leaving. At a time in my life when all I desire is stability, I am in a transient community. I get close to someone, and then they leave. It’s a constant heartbreak and I’ve dealt with it my closing myself off to everyone until I get somewhere that is more settled.

Indiana represents a lifestyle I dislike. My biggest dislike of Taylor is the forced community. I had learned to shudder at the sound of the c-word. It represents the higher-ups telling me how I should think, feel, where I should live, who I should be friends with, and what choices I should make. I do much better at doing the right thing when I don’t have someone telling me what to do. I am cramped at Taylor.

Indiana represents darkness and cramped-ness. I would love to have a room that is big enough to handle the amount of people living in it. I would love to have big windows that can be adorned with pretty curtains, and light colored walls with ceiling lights and bulbs that are stronger than 52 watts.

Indiana represents freezing bitter cold. I’m sure I would feel different about this if I didn’t have to go outside just to eat, or walk miles just to get to where my car is parked. The wind whips through and bites the skin, no matter how much I’m wearing. I don’t mind scarves and sweaters or even snow, but when it’s just cold and not snowy, and you need three sweaters and two scarves, that’s what I dislike.

I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to rip on Indiana so much. You tapped into the spring of sadness for me, and I can’t wait (less than 6 months!) until I can leave. I’m glad some people like Indiana; I just hope those same people can understand that others dislike it. It’s like an old jail cell: to the prisoner it represents sorrow and pain, to the tourist it’s something fascinating.

Oh, and on a positive note: Paul will be here in a matter of hours! :-D

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