ups and downs

ups and downs

Up: We got an email from our pastor from our church in Muncie encouraging us not to worry about the fees. He said some of them can be waived, and he’d see about getting others reduced. I think it will be more like $200 for custodial services rather than $700. That’s a relief! (BTW, this includes having the reception at the church.)

Down: I turned on my laptop today for the first time since I got home a month ago and discovered that the screen is all cracked. *sigh* I guess I owe my parents a new laptop… :-(

Up: My mom and I went to Michael’s yesterday and got lots of wedding decoration ideas. It was fun. We looked at flowers too… and started getting some ideas. I’m getting excited (if I wasn’t before) about the things I’m going to be able to do for our wedding. I think it will look nice even though we’re on a limited budget. In a way, I feel sorry for the people who have the money to pay for everything. I am really enjoying this and it’s going to be so personal and so us. If I had the money to pay someone else to do this, I would miss out on all the great ideas there are out there and all the ways to make this event personal, as well as focusing on the real reason of this marriage: a celebration. I just need to keep that in mind. Yesterday we also went to Linens N Things and looked at their selection for possibly registering there for our wedding. It was fun to walk around and think about our apartment. I can’t wait to take Paul there and get his opinion on things. We’re also going to look at Bed Bath & Beyond, which has a better selection but it’s more expensive. Hopefully we’ll be able to find everything we need at Linens N Things (for the sake of our poverty-stricken college friends who are buying us gifts :-)). We’re also going to go check out Target, although I’ve had two people tell me what a horrible time they had registering there. And one person (Beth) who had a great experience.

Down: This is the third time I’ve typed this blog because blogger kept giving me an error and I lost my post the first two times. Then I got smart and wrote it in a text document and saved it. :-)

Up: Paul gets here in 6 days!

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