I think i had a past posting also entitled “ramblings”. I’m not very original I guess.

My sister left for Colorado today. She left me a Zits comic book as a present – how sweet! :-) Sometimes sisters can surprise you. It’s kinda nice.

We have guests coming on Friday, so my parents took advantage of this lovely day to clean. I had the wonderful job of cleaning the windows. And clearing all my stuff out of the garage (I hadn’t unpacked since coming back from Taylor). The windows were dirty, but I really do find enjoyment out of making something clean (I know I am strange… but you will appreciate it when, in the future, you come to my house for a visit :-)). I also helped Paul (as best I could, since he’s in Indiana and I in Florida) find a job. We looked up many website and searched through many job listings. I’m trying to be positive about this situation, but the truth is I’m worried that he won’t be able to find anything. I know it’s a competitive market, and everyone says the economy is bad… I don’t envy his search. :-( I’m trying to be supportive, but it’s hard to not get ansy since so many details about our wedding (for example, the date) rely on his getting a job. I need to work on this. And pray – hard, that something will come of his many hours spent on the job hunt today.

On a different note, my dad called in to a radio show today and got on the air, so that was fun to listen to. So maybe this makes my dad a celebrity? How cool.

I think I will watch a movie. I need a break from sitting in front of the computer.

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