I'm home!

I'm home!

Well it has been a long three days… Actually, i can’t believe it’s only been three days since graduation. Graduation was a hard day… When I first saw all the graduates I almost burst into tears. Why do people have to graduate? Why can’t they be the same year as me? A lot of people thought i was graduating too… they wondered how i got such a bad sunburn under my robe… Paul and I went out with Josh and Beth for dessert and drinks Saturday night. That was fun, although they kept talking about graduation things that I hadn’t heard. Paul didn’t tell me anything about graduation including that it was going to be outside. :-(

I was very emotional on Saturday. I was exhausted, badly sunburnt, and saying goodbye to all my close friends. There’s something comforting in saying “see you later”. When I said goodbye to Rachel Stuckey, I was at a loss for words. Finally I was like, “see you in heaven!” I hate goodbyes. :-(

Saying goodbye to Paul was hard too. I didn’t want to. We met on Sunday morning for short devotions and prayer, and I finally had to leave because i was starting to cry. I hate trying to drive when I’m crying. Like how i drove myself home from the airport when Paul left last semester. I drove to Carmel and hung out with Joanna and Tree for a little bit, and then I started my journey.

The trip went well, if uneventful. In Indy there was one point when they closed the highway, and we all got off but then they didn’t have any detour signs. I was confused! So I stopped at a gas station and got directions (some guys also tried to pick me up, but I showed off my beautiful ring and told them i was taken). Other than that it was fine. I stopped at Beth Booth’s house on Lookout Mountain and had a nice visit with her. I ended up getting to my grandmother’s house in Atlanta at around 10 pm – 14 hours after I left Taylor. Not too bad, considering I stopped in Carmel for an hour and a half and I stopped at Beth’s for an hour and a half. And I hit construction twice.

I picked up my brother in Atlanta and headed down. AJ had a GPS system that he used on his laptop, and the most interesting thing about that was that he was able to measure my speed, thus confirming my suspicions that my speedometer says i’m going 4-5 miles an hour faster than i’m actually going. It was fun going 80 down the highway. And not worrying about cops. (Let me say that when you get high enough, the needle on the spedometer doesn’t really distinguish between 75-80-85.)

But yeah, we made it here in 8 1/2 hours including stopping at my aunt’s house. So it was all good. I am glad to be back now. Out of the car. And home. If this is home? I don’t know anymore. But I do have a room here, that’s nice. And a dog. I do like my dog. Or rather, I’m so pet-starved that I’ll even be nice to the dog. :-) That’s more accurate. I’m sure if i had a cat that i would go back to ignoring Spunky as normal.

Okay this is a long post. I’m going to go now and set up my computer. and unpack. maybe. :-) I’m not so much in the mood to do that, so maybe i’ll go back to the book i’m reading, “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands”.

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