library work

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right now i’m at work at the library here at taylor, doing my usual web design. i was asking my boss what project he wanted me to work on next, and the conversation went like this:

boss: do you feel comfortable with css?
me: umm… the only thing i’ve done with CSS is altered pre-existing code. i recently set up a weblog and i changed the design significantly, and i had to mess with the CSS to do that
boss: that’s perfect!!!! because that’s exactly what i want your help to do. i am hoping to setup a true weblog for zondervan and need your help to make the template akin to the look and feel of our website.

so this makes me excited, because now i feel like i haven’t wasted my time working on my blog. :-) anyways, that was all i had to say, i’m just happy. :-)

Fairlane 2L

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fairlane 2L… that’s the apartment where i’ll be living next year with three other girls from olson. it should be interesting… we had our first roommate dinner tonight, and it was fun. i really want to get to know these girls… in some ways it makes me sad that it’s only for a semester, but on the other hand i am glad to graduate. :-) i hope people come visit me next semester. i don’t want to be completely shut off from Gerig. i’m scared and excited about next year. i’ve never been on my own before… with cooking and cleaning and being responsible for my own bathroom and living room… i’m glad i get to experience it now, before i gradaute and really am on my own. :-)

which blog shall i use?

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after much contemplation, i have decided to stop using two different blogs, and pick one to write in. therefore, i have decided on this blog ( for future postings. i chose it because i was successful in making it pretty and i really like being able to maniuplate the code myself. also, as joanna pointed out, blogspot is owned by google and google is cool. so make sure you bookmark this site so you can come back often and *comment*. :-)there are a few postings on my other blog that aren’t here. mostly about my fishies. there are pictures too. since 2 of my new fishies and my new froggie are all dead at this point, i think i will wait until i have bought new ones before i post more pictures. but for all of you who are bored and wanting to waste time, there is stuff to read (and pictures to look at!):

as a teaser, here is a picture of zeke:

my awesome roomie

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today is roommate appreciation day. i’m glad we had it; i don’t tell my roommate enough that i appreciate her. i am glad to have a roommate like her. :-) for those of you who don’t know her, my roommate is named Tree Gerig – soon to be Peterson. she’s getting married to her prince charming on January 29 and i get the priviledge of being a bridesmaid on her special day. :-) She and Dan are getting married on their 7.5 year anniversary. wow! i’m so excited for her. :-) (she’s excited too!)

Tree made me a bouquet of tissue paper flowers. she told me it’s for my wedding. she’s so sweet – helping me cut down on costs. ;-) tree and i have a great time together – we’re silly and have a lot of laughs. i can’t wait until her bridal shower when i can embarrass her a lot. ;-) poor tree.

i also found out today that my senior show is tentatively scheduled for September 22nd. I’m excited because it’s over homecoming. I hope a lot of my graduated Taylor friends will be able to see it then. :-) i find out for sure on May 6 or 7.