Savannah’s room, updated

I posted some pictures of Savannah’s bedroom a while back. It didn’t change too much from when we moved in, except for the paint. At the time, the only thing we kept in her room was a changing table and her clothes. Now, we have a crib and she sleeps in there. (We keep most of the toys in the playroom downstairs.) Also, I organized her clothes last January and never took a picture! So here it is finally. :-)

Savannah's room
Savannah’s room. I really, really want a glider so I can rock her! I have been scouring Craigslist but have not been very satisfied with the prices.

Changing table
The changing table & dresser of sorts

Savannah’s closet. In January I got that bookshelf and that has been PERFECT! I really like having it. I also got some rubbermaid containers for her clothes that she’s outgrown. I put all the “outgrown” stuff on the top shelf of the closet.

Savannah’s crib (Ebony is demonstrating where Savannah sleeps)

2 thoughts on “Savannah’s room, updated

  1. We found a glider (sans ottoman) in good shape at Goodwill for $25, but I’ve seen them going for way more than t hat on craigslist, so I feel like we got a good deal.

    The “nursery bookshelf” in our house is going to end up in the hallway outside the room, as of right now. Not ideal, but it’s where it fits!

  2. Yeah I’m being picky and want one with an ottoman. I need something to put my feet on to get the baby in the right position when nursing! :-)

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