building permits and bye-bye porch!

Last week, I submitted the application for a building permit to demolish our porch and sunroom. Hooray! It was a little confusing – the application assumed you were building something and not just demolishing it. I also had a scare when I got home and realized that I forgot to mention that there were electrical outlets in the porch. The lady processing the forms said something that made me think if the application didn’t exactly match the work being done, then we would be denied and have to start all over again. I tried to go back the next day and fix the application, but it was too late.

On Thursday, I got a call from the Permits department at City Hall, telling me that the permit was approved and ready! I was happy – I thought we would get an inspection before it was approved, but I guess I was wrong. I did have to call the inspector to find out when he wanted to visit the property, and I was able to be honest with him about the electricity. He said to be careful, turn off the power, and that he would inspect it when we were done. Sweet!

Friday night, Paul and my sister (who was visiting) took all the windows and doors off the room. My uncle came on Saturday and after working all day, got the room completely dismantled. It really looks different now! I can’t believe how much brighter our dining room is now. The deck looks HUGE! I can’t wait until that is gone too. My uncle is planning on coming back this week, depending on the heat – we’re having a heat advisory for tomorrow (supposed to be a real feel of 113!), and of course I don’t want him working in heat like that!

I have been taking pictures, but I am going to wait and post them when it’s all done.

Paul and I went today and bought vertical blinds for the sliding glass door. I guess we need them now, since there isn’t a room beyond. :-) We’ll hopefully hang them in the next day or so. We’ve never hung blinds before, so this will be an experience!

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  1. Hanging blinds is super easy :) We had to put treatments on ALL of our windows after we moved in. Matt did learn that you shouldn’t move a ladder when there is a power drill on top of it, though!

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