new carpet!

Originally posted at twentysixcats.com

So the carpet guys just left and I’m so excited!!

Our den looks great. Man, it makes SUCH a difference getting carpet down there. It really feels like a room now. I totally ran and jumped around like a little girl.

Up next: Getting new baseboards and putting them up. That won’t be a pain, right, nailing up 60 feet of baseboard, right?

Also I need to replace the light fixtures and the fan. The fan that’s there has a lot to be desired in terms of usefulness and sound. I’ve been scouting fans at Lowe’s and Home Depot, and think I’m about ready to make my selection. We actually replaced the fan in our living room yesterday (the one that was there broke), so now we can add “basic electrical work” to our list of experiences.

As soon as the baseboards are up, I’ll put up pictures. You’re going to be amazed! :-)