the dining room


Dining room

The dining room probably is the room that saw the least amount of change.


Dining room

We took down the borderprint and painted, and replaced the curtains with vertical blinds. The room is much brighter since we removed the sun porch off the back. We also replaced the light switch with a dimmer, which is really nice.

Vertical blinds

Side door to carport

This door goes out to the carport

Ugly chandelier

We thought this chandelier was really ugly, so I recently spray painted it dark gray.

With lights on

It looks so much nicer!

I need to take some current pictures, with the newly colored chandelier and a few furniture pieces we have since added.

Completed So Far

  • Removed the curtains and replaced with vertical blind.
  • Removed the borderprint, and then painted all the walls a light yellow. We also painted the ceiling white.
  • Refinished the hardwood floor.
  • Removed the add-on sunporch from the back, which made a tremendous difference in the lighting of the room.
  • Replaced the side door that headed to the carport with a steel door and a deadbolt.

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