the full bathroom



Our house has one full bathroom that is upstairs with the three bedrooms. The bathroom also has a door leading directly into the master bedroom. When we bought the house, it was definitely the dirtiest room and required a lot of elbow grease to clean (especially around the shower).

In Progress

Our bathroom

We removed the shower doors, put in a new vent cover, and put up a curtain in the window. We also did a bit of plumbing work.


Wall of mirrors

And the “best” part of the bathroom – our wall of mirrors. I’m not sure if this is 60’s decor or just someone’s bad taste. Somebody else had the good idea to take those stickable vinyl floor tiles and put it on the bottom half. Unfortunately, some of the tiles are falling down.


Our lovely bathroom

Sink area

Still the same old mirrors

Completed So Far

  • Removed shower doors and cleaned the bathtub as much as possible.
  • Replaced the rusty vent cover.
  • Fixed some plumbing issues.
  • Added curtains to the window.
  • Replaced the light bulbs above the vanity/mirror.

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