a map!

I got a digital copy of our land from the survey company, and I thought I’d share it here (with identifying features and measurements removed). The first is the map of our house on our property with the sun porch and deck, and the second is with them removed (since they are now gone!!!).

Also, the grey line with the x’s is the chain-link fence, so you can see how the fence deviates from the property. I hope this makes more sense… I feel like it’s really difficult to explain how our house sits on our property (and how close we are to the neighbor’s!). Click on the picture to see it bigger.

If you’re ever building a house… please stop and think about where it sits on the property, and don’t try to get all cute by angling it.

By the way, there is 8 ft. from the top left corner of our house to the edge of our property. I’m pretty sure that violates current setback laws!

2 thoughts on “a map!

  1. Wow! That is really close. Even though I know it is tight from seeing it in person, the map makes it make much more sense. I wonder if it would almost be worth it to take the whole chain length fence down and put it back up on a smaller area? That way you could have a nice little fenced in backyard to play in/ have people over, and then a much larger non-fenced in yard. I can’t wait to see it again in person in a couple of weeks!

  2. I’m a little confused at your suggestion. That’s already what’s there. The fenced in the portion of the yard which can be seen from the kitchen window, which I love. It’s already a pretty small area (see here). One big reason why we wanted the porch gone and why we want to get rid of the shed is to make the space feel bigger without physically extending the boundaries. I’d love to have a clothesline back there without it getting in the way of children playing. We might replace the fence that is crooked and put it back up in its correct spot. Not sure. We’re running out of money so we might just have to live with it as is. Paul doesn’t think we should do anything; I think it’s important that our fence is along our boundaries (so we don’t have issues with squatter’s rights), for our sake, our neighbor’s sake, and the sakes of future owners of our house.

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