Growing up in Atlanta

Growing up in Atlanta

Written by Savannah

Hi! My name is Savannah and today is my 7th birthday! I live in Atlanta, Georgia with my mom, my dad, my two younger sisters, and my cat. I love where I live! I have lived here all my life.

First day of school

We live just outside Atlanta in a house that is 55 years old! There are lots of big trees in my neighborhood, and the roads are a little hilly. I have my own room, but my two sisters share a room. My next door neighbor is named Maya. We play together a lot. Maya goes to a public school that is in our neighborhood, where most of the kids go. I am homeschooled, though. I have a desk down in our den for school, but we do school all over the house. We read a lot of books together. This year my middle sister, Caroline, is doing school with me for pre-k.

Homeschool room

I like to draw and play and watch tv. I like horses, unicorns, mermaids, and dolphins the most! I take swimming class at the Y and my sister is just starting martial arts. I really like swimming and pretending I’m a mermaid. My class doesn’t start again until September so I’m having to wait.

Savannah swimming

My Daddy works in downtown Atlanta and sometimes we go visit him. It’s really fun. He works next to a park that they built when the Olympics were in my city 20 years ago. Mommy likes to tell me all about that because she was living here and she remembers them. There is a fountain in the park that is fun to play in. The fountain is made out of the Olympics rings!

Visiting Daddy at work

There are a lot of people who live in my city who are from other countries and speak other languages. The area of Atlanta where I live is especially diverse! There are lots of restaurants near my house that are food from other countries – mostly different countries in Asia and in Latin America. We go to a church near my house that is in Spanish and English. I am trying to learn Spanish but I have a hard time remembering the words. I love my church and my friends there!


Atlanta gets very hot in the summer, so we stay inside where it is cool. But it is very nice in the spring and the fall. Sometimes in the winter it snows! I have never gotten to build a snowman though. We so rarely get snow that we always have to take pictures when it does happen!


We like to go camping in Georgia. We are close to the mountains, where I have gone camping a lot of times. I share a name with the city of Savannah, and we have been camping there too.

Camping girls

My one set of grandparents lives in Florida and my other grandparents live in Massachusetts, so we drive a long ways to go visit them. They both live near the ocean and I like that we can go to the beach when we visit them.


My state, Georgia, is known as the peach state. I love eating peaches! They are so yummy. Also, in the fall my family always goes apple picking, and in the spring we go strawberry picking. I am glad we live close enough to do things like that.

Georgia Peach

One book about my state that I like is called P Is For Peach: A Georgia Alphabet.


I like living in Atlanta! You should come visit sometime. I bet you would like it too.

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  1. It looks like Georgia is an amazing place to live! We have had an awesome time with Give Your Child the World this summer as well!

  2. We live in Atlanta too! What part are you in? We live in the city on the east side. My husband also works downtown, and our grandparents are also in Florida and Massachusetts! My daughter is going to public pre-K this year, but we do a ton of reading and learning at home. I also love that she gets to know such a diverse group of wonderful kiddos in our neighborhood, school and church : )

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