first day of vbs!

first day of vbs!

I can’t believe Savannah is old enough for Vacation Bible School! I signed her up for two VBS’s this summer – today was the first day of the first one. She seemed to really enjoy it! She just barely squeaked by to get in, since the age cut-off was Sept 1st.

So, a lot has been going on here, as usual.

* For Memorial Day, we went down to Orlando for my nephew’s 2nd birthday. He had a car-themed birthday party which my sister-in-law Molly did a fabulous job planning! Afterward, my mom babysat and we got to go see the Star Trek movie! I really enjoyed it and spending time with my family.
Food at the car-themed party
Food at the party

Savannah and Drew
Savannah and Drew

Aunt Mamie
Drew, Caroline, and Aunt Mamie

* While in Orlando, we enjoyed exploring a water park near my parents’ house.

Cute baby

Savannah at the water park

* The next weekend, I threw a Blessingway for my friend Cicely. It was very lovely, and I really do want to write a whole separate post on it.


* The following weekend after that, we went to Indiana for our annual Gerig Hall Reunion! We had a lovely time. I really love my Taylor friends!

Gerig Hall Reunion, 2013

* Since we’ve been back, Paul has been working 14+ hour days, as well as working over the weekend. I won’t write my REAL opinion about that on this public blog.

* Yesterday, we went back for a visit to the church where we got married. We left there about 6 years ago, so it was a lot of fun to visit and introduce my girls to old friends! The pastor who was there when we attended had since moved on to a church in Pennsylvania, and he was also back for a visit. It was really nice to see him again, and meet his new grandson who was baptized yesterday.

* Coming up: Next on the calendar is our family photos at the end of the month. I am excited about this. :-)

* Next month is Caroline’s first birthday!! :-o I know, can you believe she is almost a year old already? I am planning a “Sweet Caroline” themed party. I really need to get on with planning that!

* Also next month we hope to go camping with my friend Beth and her kids. We also plan to go to a homeschooling conference to check out all the curriculum.

I’m sure there are more things but that’s what’s at the forefront of my mind right now. Busy days!

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  1. I can’t believe that Caroline is almost one. Let me know if you need help with planning

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