young house love!

young house love!

One of my favorite DIY and home decor blogs is Young House Love. I’ve been following John & Sherry’s blog for several years now, and I feel like we’re all BFF’s. They recently wrote a book and have been going around the country on a book tour. The minute I found out they were coming to Atlanta, I immediately RSVP’d. My BFF Beth, who lives in Birmingham, is also a huge fan and decided it was definitely worth the trip.

Yesterday, Beth drove over and met us at Ikea. We put our girls in Smaland and got to wander around the store for a little bit before meeting Paul, who then took the two girls home while Beth and I (along with our babies Alex and Caroline) had dinner and went to the book signing. The line was SOOO long. We were actually near the end, and waited almost 3 hours. And I have to say – it was COLD. It had been raining most of the day, and the temps were in the mid 40s. It wasn’t so bad except when the wind would pick up. Brr! Bad day to forget my coat!

Beth and I with Alex and Caroline

We were so excited when we first got a glimpse of John and Sherry! They’re real! I felt like a fan girl.

Proof that I was there

Proof I was there – I signed their guest book. My handwriting looks horrible because I was shaking from cold and from excitement, and was holding Caroline which made it harder.

Our turn is next!

And then… our turn was next! I was practicing what I was going to say to them when I got the chance. Then… they waved us over! Beth and I walked up and handed them our books. “Hi!” John and Sherry said to us. They were just as they appear in their blog. Warm, enthusiastic.

And me? I wasn’t expecting this… but I completely froze. My mind went blank. They asked me some questions, and I answered but no more. This isn’t like me! I never expected that I would be so starstruck that I wouldn’t say anything!

Beth and I with John and Sherry!

We took a picture together, and then moved on. It was over. I am sad that I couldn’t be warm and chatty back with them, but alas. I am so glad we went though! It was so much fun, and I loved hanging with Beth for that time.


Aren’t you jealous? I will treasure the book always. :-)

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