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One of the things that people mentioned wanting to read on my blog was posts about our house. I actually took down my house blog because I was feeling a bit unsafe. I miss writing about things, though.

I was wondering… If I made the posts about our house viewable to registered users only, would you be willing to make a username/password for my website? I know it’s annoying to have yet another username/password to keep track of… But if I could control who is viewing these posts then I would feel a little bit better about writing them. (These would just be posts on my twentysixcats.com blog, interspersed with the rest of the posts that will be viewable by everyone.)

I am not sure the posts would come in through something like Google Reader… you might have to manually check my site to see them. A pain, I know. But, if y’all are wanting it then I’ll go ahead and look into the capabilities of user registration and make sure it will give me the level of privacy I’m wanting. I might use the feature to blog about other things too that I’m more hesitant to post publicly.

new year goal: work out at the Y regularly

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I’m “running” on the treadmill right now at the Y. My new year goal was to start back regularly, or I cancel my membership. We debated long and hard about whether it was worth the money since I go through long spurts of not using it, but I knew if I canceled it then I would never work out. So we decided that I need to go minimum of 8 times a month or I cancel it. Here’s to hoping that motivation helps me accomplish that goal!


Here’s me right now – hoping this picture works okay since I am not familiar with the WordPress app and how it handles stuff.

Fun fact: the sweatshirt I’m wearing was bought my freshman year at Taylor. I was completely unprepared for the cold weather of Indiana and only had a windbreaker with me. So I went to the campus bookstore and bought a sweatshirt. I am glad I bought it because I love it. :-) And when I went to my Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving that year, she bought me an actual coat and gloves and a hat. :-)

dear Caroline: six months

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Tummy time!

Dear Caroline,

Happy half birthday! Today marks the halfway point between the day you were born and the completion of your first year. Six months! I say this every month, but time is just passing so quickly!

This month you celebrated your first Christmas and your first New Year’s! You also had your first (long) roadtrip – driving down to Orlando, FL to visit your grandparents and other relatives. You did great in the car, sleeping mostly and happily entertaining yourself the other time. You pay a lot of attention to your sister when you’re in the car, which is cute. Sometimes the two of you just go back and forth, making each other laugh. You really love your sister!

Dorothy Caroline and Caroline Serenity (and Ashley)

This month, you got to meet your namesake. Your great-grandma is named Dorothy Caroline, and we wanted to honor her when we named you because she has been a very important person in my life. She lives in Florida and isn’t able to travel, so you got to meet her the first time when we drove down. I am so glad she got to see you while her eyesight is still okay!

You have grown and changed a lot this month. You have gotten a lot more active. You aren’t crawling, but you’re very wiggly and you seem like you’re ready to go. You love to stand – putting weight on your cute little legs. You spend much of your time standing on my lap. I feel like you’re just going to one day start walking from there. You hold your core up very well – you are very close to being able to sit unassisted. You can hold yourself for a while but do eventually fall over, so I can’t leave you by yourself yet. Almost there!

You discovered toys this month, and you adore sticking them into your mouth. Actually, you love to grab anything and stick it into your mouth. I am finding it difficult to write without you grabbing my pen, or use my phone. You are so eager to learn everything about your environment. I am trying to remember to bring toys with me when we leave the house – not in the habit yet! You entertain yourself pretty readily, though.

You’ve started to give us big belly laughs, which we all love. You laugh mostly for your sister, but you also laugh for Mommy and Daddy. You also flash your big smile, complete with dimples in each cheek. Strangers in the store love to try to elicit the smile from you, but you’re not always ready to give it to them. But at home, you are SUCH a happy, smiley baby. You generally wake up from your naps pretty happy, as well as first thing in the morning. You’re also fairly easy to get to sleep. I usually just need to lay you down and you fall asleep on your own – often music helps, but you don’t always need it. I know from experience that this might be a temporary thing, but I am enjoying it right now. :-)

Your hair is filling back in, and is much lighter than it was before it all fell out. I can’t tell exactly what it will be when it’s fully grown in, but it seems you have quite a bit of red mixed in with the light brown! It’s also very soft. Your cradle cap isn’t nearly so bad, though I keep rubbing coconut oil into your scalp for moisture. I wonder if that is helping it look so soft and full and beautiful. You also still have the most gorgeous blue eyes – when you look at me and smile it just melts my heart.

It’s been a wonderful six months, and I look forward to seeing what future months bring us!
Love, Mommy

Aunt Mamie and Caroline

new adventures in blogging

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It used to be I would write blog posts from bed on my iPod Touch, on the notepad app and then I’d email it to myself to publish the next time I got to a computer. Or, if I didn’t feel like waiting, I’d do it all from the browser on my iPod which wasn’t very easy.

However, it seems we have rounded a new corner in technology and blogging.

This past weekend, we got a new cell plan and new phones. Our two year contract was up last October and we hadn’t done anything about it yet because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to do. We were having a lot of problems with dropped calls and it was getting frustrating. But, the plan we had was the cheapest. We went back and forth until we got to the point where we *needed* to get Paul a new phone. So we bit the bullet, switched carriers, and got a completely new phone.

We both have Motorola Droids. Paul has a smart phone again – it was a $10 difference and that was worth it to us for him to once again have easy access to email and to GPS (he has no sense of direction). Tonight I downloaded the WordPress app and am trying it out. Definitely makes blogging so much easier than my previous method!

So, new adventure. More late night ramblings. Maybe I’ll write shorter, on-the-go pieces as if I was updating Facebook. Or maybe nothing will change. We’ll see. :-)