dear caroline: one month

dear caroline: one month

Sweet Caroline

Dear Caroline,

Today you are one month old! These past 4+ weeks have flown by. I feel like it was just yesterday when you were still inside me, and we were wondering about who you were.

We have spent this month getting to know you and getting used to having two little girls in our family. You remind us so much of your older sister! You look a lot like her, with your full head of hair. I’m looking forward to seeing you grow and change into your own person.

Your sister loves you and wants to take care of you. You aren’t too interested in your paci, which completely confuses her. She loves to try to give it to you anyway. You do like sucking on your fingers, though, which is cute but hopefully temporary! You aren’t bothered by her affections, and it’s adorable seeing her cuddle with you.


You love to be held in our arms, preferably while we are walking around. I am not sure if your little tummy is having hurting from gas bubbles or if it’s something else. I have been trying to cut some things out of my diet to see if that helps you! For a little while, you would be up for several hours during the night just fussing, but you seem to have shifted those times to the day which is okay with me. You sleep really well – only waking up every few hours to eat. You sleep either in a cosleeper next to our bed, or next to me which you like a lot.

You were in your first car accident this month, which was a little scary but you seem to be okay! We took you to the doctor and she said you were perfect. Well, we knew that already. :-) We had to get you a new car seat – one of the only things that is all yours and not something that was originally your older sister’s! Ah, the plight of being a younger sister. You love to sleep in the car, but you often wake up and cry when we’re stopped.


I have been playing around with different baby carriers when we’ve been out. So far, we’ve tried out the ring sling, the sleepy wrap, and the Ergo. You love being so close, and I love being able to kiss the top of your head while we’re out and about! You are still very cuddly and wanting to curl up, so you settle easily into the baby carrier.

I got newborn cloth diapers for you (something I didn’t do with your sister), and you started wearing them around 5 days old. Then at around 3 weeks old, we realized you had grown out of them already! I can’t believe it. So you are wearing your “big girl” cloth diapers! You look very cute in them, and such a big girl!

Sleepy baby

I so look forward to the next few months, as you transition out of the newborn stage and into your babyhood. I can’t wait to see who you are!

Love, Mommy

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