laptop needed a bath!

laptop needed a bath!

Last Friday, I did the thing a mother of a two year old should never do: I went to the bathroom. By myself. I know, how dare I take a moment to myself??

I came back to discover that Savannah had very kindly opened my bottle of water and poured its contents over my closed laptop. Which was unfortunate for me.

In short, the motherboard was damaged and that essentially renders the laptop useless. The timing was especially bad – I am in the middle of a freelance project and was hoping to really concentrate on it over the weekend. Saturday morning we took the computer to a local repair place, and they confirmed that it would need to be replaced. (Paul took it apart and was pretty sure it was dead, but he wanted a second opinion.)

A few nights ago we finally got the chance to buy a new one. I essentially got the same laptop I’d had, but a little better. The place that looked at my lappy got all my files off of it, and as of yesterday I am back in business!

I guess I’m excited about a new computer, but I would have preferred to spend that money elsewhere. My other laptop was just slightly over a year old so the differences aren’t too major.

And I’ve learned my lesson – drinking water is bad for you (or rather, for your electronics) when toddlers are around. I shall not repeat my mistake!

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