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Well I didn’t mean to start writing again, and then stop abruptly!

In all honesty, my days have been filled with migraines and then trying to get things done on the days I don’t have migraines. I am now 17 weeks along (almost halfway!) so hopefully the migraines will start subsiding.

My sister left this morning. :-( She came to visit for about 3 weeks and help me out with Savannah and other household tasks. I’m so grateful for her help! And I’m going to miss her! These three weeks really flew by, which is good because I feel like the first 8 weeks that I was so sick were just dragging.

Other than migraines, I have been busy with birth center stuff (as usual). There was a midwifery panel last Sunday that we had a table at, and one of our midwives was a member of the panel. It was a great panel and I really enjoyed listening! I also enjoyed representing the birth center, though I felt a little directionless and shy about talking to strangers. We have another event coming up in two weeks where we’re going to have a table, so I am trying to come up with some awesome ideas for how to set up our table. Presentation is key! ;-)

Oh we had an ultrasound this morning and little Appleberry is very definitely a girl! We got a “probably a girl” at the last ultrasound, so it’s a little reassuring to have confirmation! So now we’ve been talking names… I’ll have to pull out the name list we had for Savannah!

my first acupuncture experience

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After 4 days of migraines, I was ready to try anything. I had already taken three different migraine medicines (two prescription) and was worried about taking more, so I decided to try acupuncture for the first time.

It was interesting! My migraine was not as intense as it had been the previous three days when I walked into the office, but I had a dull ache that signified that it wasn’t completely over. I liked the calming music and feeling of the office – it made me feel at ease. And fortunately, there was no incense burning! The acupuncturist talked to me for a long time, going over my history of migraines, trying to get an idea of my triggers and the different types of headaches I get. I told her about my miscarriages, my blood clotting disorder, and this pregnancy.

Then she had me lay on the table and she put several needles in different parts of my body. I was surprised at how few needles she used – I had visions of looking like a porcupine, but it wasn’t like that at all. I was also surprised that it hurt a little bit. I had been told that it just pinches, but a few of the needles were almost painful to me. But, the pain passed within a few seconds (and I was very communicative of how each made me feel). I don’t think I even felt the needles she put into my legs.

She then lowered the lights and told me that she was going to leave me for 20 or 30 minutes, and that I should try and sleep if possible. I felt very drowsy and out of it, but I didn’t sleep. All I wanted to do was itch, but I couldn’t move my hand! I tried to focus on my thoughts, letting them take me where they may. The music was very nice and calming, and it was a nice little break from life. Hmm now that I’m thinking about it, I want to go back! ;-)

Afterward, she removed the needles and helped me up slowly. She told me to come back in when I get another migraine, and that after I was no longer pregnant then she’d love for me to come back for a treatment plan of trying to end the migraines.

The dull ache was definitely gone. I did wake up the next morning with a headache, but it faded into nothing by early afternoon. So, I consider it a success! Today has been migraine-free and it’s a WONDERFUL feeling! I don’t know that I’d tell everyone else to run out and get acupuncture, but I think for this particular situation I’m glad I tried it. I’ll definitely go back if I get another one.

Migraine week

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I’ve had a terrible last few days, mostly because of a stubborn migraine that will not die no matter how much medicine (both western and alternative) I throw at it. I am getting tired and frustrated because of my headache. Today, I was mostly symptom free but as I relaxed this evening on the couch, that familiar pain started creeping back.


I am so grateful to my sister for driving up here to help me out. She has truly been a lifesaver. I don’t know what I would have done if she wasn’t here – I probably would have been turned over to the state for being the worst mother of the year. Poor Savannah! Amy has also been cooking, freeing me of that obligation and giving Paul a chance to eat upon arriving home from work. It’s been a nice change for him too. :-)

I was going to write a long post but as I lay in my bed trying to type on the small iPod screen, I wonder if this looking at z bright screen in a dark room is making my head hurt worse. So I will stop here and pick up another day with any other news I may have to share, including my first time getting acupuncture.

Super (bowl) Sunday

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Today was a busy day!

We went to church in the morning. We were only 10 minutes late! That’s better than the 30 minutes late we’ve been averaging, if I make it at all.

There was a luncheon after church that was a Mexican tradition related somehow to Epiphany. Paul went on Saturday and helped prepare a bunch of tamales, which he really enjoyed. I didn’t eat any of them today because my stomach is just so weird and unpredictable.

After that, I had a leadership meeting for Atlanta Birth Center. I have been looking forward to this all well. I really love what I’m doing with the birth center! I feel excited about the direction we’re heading, and how far we’ve come. I also just really love the people I work with.

I used to be in charge of all the social media, but last week I handed it off to someone else. It was her first time to the leadership meeting and I am really excited about what she’s bringing to the team. I know my Facebook page is in good hands. :-) With all my extra time now (ha!), I am going to put more attention to our website and blog. I’m hoping to start writing posts! I’ll link here to the posts I write, but you can see all of them at atlantabirthcenter.org/blog.

After getting home, we turned on the Super Bowl but I didn’t feel that well so I laid down and ended up sleeping for most of the evening! Unfortunately I woke up feeling worse. So, I ended up going to bed early. I took a Unisom which is supposed to help with nausea, but it’s also a sleep aid. Just waiting for it to kick in now…

There, my attempt to write about my day life again. It seems so boring but those are the posts I miss writing and retracing later. Just gotta get back in the habit. :-)

new year, new look

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I had my last theme for a while – long after I bored of it and wanted desperately to change. I even designed an awesome one, but Paul has been too busy to turn my Photoshop files into a WordPress theme. I came across one yesterday that I loved. I hope you like it too. :-) I’m so excited to have something new that I may start blogging more!!

I’m also in the process of changing the name of my house blog, and I hope to be updating that too.

I miss blogging. I’m really not sure why I stopped. It hasn’t been because of busyness, or distraction. Once I got out of the habit, though, I found that when I did sit down to write I felt as if I had nothing to say. Part of me wants to do what I can to return to my glory days (which, from looking at my post counts, were 2005-2007). The other part says that perhaps my season of blogging is over… To accept and move on.

Then I think of how many memories and thoughts are captured in the archives here. I appreciate that, and I hate to think of not having it for these days of early motherhood. I mean, I have all the subject material I need in the form of an adorable two year old. The days pass so quickly. I hate to think of them gone forever, without being recorded. Or perhaps that’s the “today’s mommy” talking… Perhaps I need to not worry about recording, but just living. (Though, I don’t think blogging is preventing me from living.)

Well, we’ll see what happens. If it’s not to be, I won’t push myself.