another show cancelled

another show cancelled

Although this time I’m not upset.

The CW announced today that Gilmore Girls has officially been cancelled, after a successful 7-season run. While this is my favorite show, I am not all that sad at the news, though I will miss it! My only hope is that they tie up all the loose ends in the last two episodes.

The creators always said that they intended to end the series after Rory’s graduation from Yale, so I was a little surprised to hear rumors that it might be renewed. However, I am glad they are cancelling it. As great as the show is, the storyline is based on a mother & daughter living in a small town in Connecticut. When Rory went to college, they had to find some way to keep her close enough to continue with the mother-daughter interactions. Her original desire was to go to Harvard, but in the end she went to Yale – only 40 minutes from home. This allowed for weekend and sometimes even weeknight visits. However, with her graduation from college, she has her sights set on something much bigger. And to keep her in Stars Hollow would be out of character, and even frustrating for the viewer. No, I think the best thing for the series was to end it at the original intended point and wrap it up well.

Last season was pretty horrible, and so was the beginning of this season, but the last few episodes have been excellent. I have enjoyed the return to the feel of the show from the first few seasons. Also, I’m beginning to see a few of the stories being resolved the way that I wanted, which makes me happy. Allover, Gilmore Girls had a great run (except for season 6) but all good things must come to an end! I am happy they aren’t dragging it out (*cough* 7th Heaven *cough*). So, anyone want to join me on May 15th for a GG Series Finale party?

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