my diaper stash

my diaper stash

So tonight I put Savannah to bed in a disposable so I could wash ALL her diapers! Since they were all downstairs, I thought I’d take a picture for y’all. Sorry the picture is so yellow. The yellow walls and CFL bulbs in the lights downstairs make for lousy indoor pictures. :-)
Cloth diaper stash

Columns, from left to right:
2 one-size FuzziBunz pockets
3 homemade one-size fitteds
1 homemade one-size bumGenius pocket knock-off
1 homemade one-size cover
12 one-size Baby Kanga pockets
1 one-size Flip cover with 1 organic insert
2 size two Thirsties Duo covers
2 size medium bumGenius all-in-one
2 size medium covers (off-brand)
a bunch of homemade cloth wipes
2 pail liners and 1 wetbag
1 one-size GroVia cover and 3 GroVia soakers

I’m planning to get some prefolds to go with the covers. Obviously, I have more diapers than I need, but this should be good if/when we have 2 in diapers. I’m also thinking of selling off some of the diapers, like the Baby Kangas. We’ll see.

Enjoy. :-)

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  1. So when I first read the title of this post, I read it too fast and thought it said, “My Diaper Rash.” And I was really hoping you were talking about Savannah and not yourself. :)

  2. Corinne: The cloth wipes are great; I use them all the time. I just don’t use them for soiled diapers cuz I don’t want to rinse the cloth wipes before washing. I dislike the smell of commercial wipes, and it’s cheaper to just washing the cloth ones instead of buying wipes all the time.

    The diapers work well, too. Of course, the quality of homemade diapers would depend on the person sewing them… A friend made them for me, and she is a very talented seamstress. I am sure any diaper *I* attempt to make would not be the same quality. ;-) The three fitteds I’ve been using over a year now and they have held up well – no issues. The bumGenius knockoff I’ve had for a few months, and it’s quickly become one of my favorites.

    I’ve heard the downside to homemade diapers is that they tend to not last as long as diapers you can buy. As in, you might not be able to use them for multiple children. While I haven’t had issues with mine, I can see how that could be the case – comparing the elasticity, etc. with the other diapers I have. Of course, if you already have supplies and a machine, then the cost might be so much cheaper that it isn’t an issue.

  3. Sweet! How do you like the Thirsties Duo covers? I tried both the snap and aplix versions, and didn’t really care for them. Plus, the snaps aren’t reinforced. My current fave covers are Blueberry Coveralls and Flips. I’ve tried a bunch of different kinds, and have since sold off most of the unwanted stuff (I’ve also tried Kissaluvs, BumGenius, Haute Pockets, Baby Love, plus some other random items).

    I love my cloth wipes, but also prefer to use disposables for the icky stuff! At times when I do wash a used disposable wipe, I reuse it as a wipe or diaper liner.

    I’m not sure on the exact numbers, but this is what my stash looks like; you can tell what kind of diapering system I have!
    4 one-size flip covers
    3 one-size blueberry covers
    8 flip inserts
    3 hemp inserts
    other misc inserts (maybe 10 or so)
    a pile of gerber prefolds (formerly used as burp cloths)
    a pile of prefolds (some of them hemp)
    3 wetbags (2 large for rotating and one smaller double-pocket for diaper bag)
    cloth wipes

  4. I use disposable wipes for the icky stuff too. It just makes it so much easier. Though, I do follow up with one swipe with a cloth wipe. I guess in my mind I need to “wipe away” whatever residue the disposable used, ha. :-)

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