Some exciting news today!

We were at a prayer meeting tonight at a neighbor’s house, and Savannah was playing in the middle of the floor with all of us sitting around her. She got up, and walked several steps, all by herself! She did it several times!! :-)

She was having the time of her life, playing with her toys and walking around the circle. She was really steady as she was walking!

Hopefully this is the beginning of chasing around a little toddler. :-)

15 thoughts on “steps!

  1. She was walking again today. I tried to get a video, but my camera was out of battery. It’s charging now and I’ll attempt another video later today. :-)

  2. YAY!!! Hooray, Savannah!!!!!!!!!!

    I was sad to miss the prayer meeting. I hope it went well. :) Maybe even got to walk the neighborhood since it didn’t rain?

  3. We did get to walk! It was a nice meeting. And I was so excited that we got to share Savannah’s first steps with our church family. :-)

  4. Yaay! That is so exciting. I cheered out loud when I read it on the phone, but only now got to click on over here. Great news!!!

  5. YAY!! that’s awesome! Go Savannah!! looks like all that PT is paying off!! woo hooo!!

    Oh, and she beat Lexi by a month. Lexi was 20 months before she started even trying to take steps!!

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