decluttering – post 1

decluttering – post 1

Here is my list so far. I’ve just done a superficial sweep, and when I took a box to Goodwill I might have bought a few things while I was there… :-) Actually I found two Rubbermaid containers in perfect condition for only $4 each, so I am using them as my “to sell” and “to donate” boxes. It’s been really nice to have a place to put the stuff!

One thing I tackled last week was the dresser in the guest room where I keep all my art and craft supplies. After taking a walk down memory lane with a few of the items, I decided to narrow down my hobbies. Right now I’ll just focus on scrapbooking and sewing, and I tried to limit (or get rid of entirely) my supplies for the other hobbies. I have a bunch of stuff from all my art classes in college that I’m going to find a new home for. I also pulled out all my kid-related items and put them in the den – like crayons, markers, acrylic paints, etc. It’s doubtful I’ll ever paint again but it might be a fun project for the (far) future with our kids. Getting rid of that stuff really freed up space in the dresser – I now have a whole empty drawer!

Note: I have various reasons for getting rid of these things. Some are broken/damaged and being thrown away, some are duplicates of things I already have, some are things I never use anymore. And sadly, some have been peed on by cats and are impossible to wash so they are being thrown away. So please don’t read into any of the items on the list. :-)

1. old 35mm SLR camera
2. stuffed animal
3. wind chimes
4. cat toy thing
5. ironing wand thing
6. another stuffed animal
7. glass decorative pumpkin
8. recipe box
9-17. books (9)
18. photo printer
19. exersaucer
20. cell phone chargers
21. 3-hole punch
22. old digital camera
23. clock
24. light bulb
25. craft kit
26. package of pens
27. headphones
28. invoicing software
29. stationary box
30. stamping supplies
31. day-timer
32. wireless router
33. typography circle template
34. French curve set
35. 10″ Triangle
36. pad of translucent marker paper
37. pad of tracing paper
38. 3 rubber cement erasers
39. paint palette
40. dried-up watercolor paints

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