This morning was busy, as we were out and about doing things, so I didn’t get a chance to check out our den until the afternoon. After Savannah got up from her nap, I decided to go downstairs and start thinking about moving everything back down.

**Side note: Savannah didn’t actually nap. I could hear her talking in her crib for an hour before I finally got her. When I opened the door to her room, I was greeted by her on her knees, holding onto the bars of her crib. Everything that had been in her previously (stuffed animals, blanket, sleep sack, the socks she’d been wearing) was now on the floor and she looked quite proud of herself. She actually was in a really good mood. This is the first time I’ve ever seen her get up from a laying down position all by herself!! End side note.**

When I walked down the stairs, I was greeted by a now-familiar smell, and my heart sank. Cat pee. Last night before the carpet guy left, we talked about the fact that the carpet may be permanently damaged – that there is only so much a carpet cleaning can do. The carpet may be salvageable, but the pad underneath may be ruined. I was hoping the cleaning would do it, but it seems that the smell is just as strong as before.

I am very discouraged. The carpet cost about $700 and it is only 6 months old. I just wanted a nice room for Savannah to play, and I feel like no matter how hard I try I can’t get there.

I guess tonight when Paul gets home from work we’ll figure out where we want to go from here.

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  1. I’m sorry. Give it some more time and buy a big ol’ bottle of Nature’s Miracle. I know from experience with Calvin that sometimes these infections can take a while to clear up. He had a monster one 1.5 years ago that took almost 2 months to kill. As Ebony has probably been sick with this for quite a while, it may be harder to kill those germs quickly.

  2. Well it’s not so much current peeing, but rather past peeing. They didn’t have a single accident while we were in Orlando – yay! I think that is good news.

  3. I know just how discouraging this can be. My cat never made a mistake by going outside of his litterbox untill something scared him badly while using it. Then my home became a pee-for-all! Once we relocated his box to a place he was comfortable with and changed litters as well, we were then left dealing with the distruction of nasty urine.

    The area rug he used, had to go. It was only 6 months old. It felt like a waste. But then I had to look at it this way, if I wanted to be happy, the pee smell had to leave. This meant getting rid of the rug.

    Now, just throwing out an area rug is nothing compared to a wall-to-wall carpet. So maybe a compromise is needed. If they peed around the edges of the room, can you just pull up the carpet enough to remove the ruined pad, thouroughly clean the cement and possibly seal it with floor paint and replace the sections of pad with new?

    While the carpet is pulled back, you need to clean it from the backside out with a strong enzyme cat urine remover type cleaner. Vinager and water have no effect on cat urine. I have found HOT water and baking soda mixed will work well. This may leave a whitish color from the baking soda so you need to vacuum it well then rinse with lots of clear hot water. This may take several treatments. Do not relay the carpet untill totally dry and smell free.

    When it’s clean, relay the carpet and tack back down.

    I hope this might give you some options, it’s a rotten place to be feeling that discouraged. Good luck with whatever you choose. Just always remember $700 is a lot of money to throw away, BUT, if mom isn’t happy and it’s not safe for the little one to play on, maybe it really needs to go. Being happy and keeping your little one safe is priceless!

  4. Yeah we are thinking that just the carpet padding will need to be replaced, which is a lot cheaper than the whole room! After Christmas, we’re going to contact the people who put in the carpet and see how we can make the room smell pretty again.

    The cats are also going to a new home shortly. I hate, hate, hate this.

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