cirque du soleil will need to wait

cirque du soleil will need to wait

Today was Savannah’s physical therapy evaluation. Here is what the therapist said:

* Savannah hates pressure and sensations on her feet. I always thought Savannah was just ticklish, but now I realize that she isn’t laughing when she pulls her feet away, like she does when you tickle her neck.

* She has low muscle tone, which is part of her body type. It just means that she’ll always have to work a little harder to do physical activity. It’s not something that will keep her from athletics or anything, but it just is something she’s going to have to compensate for.

* Savannah is super flexible in her hips and ankles. Has anyone seen how when she gets tired, she just folds over flat? I’ll have to get a picture sometime. Anyway, while this uber flexibility might come in handy in future her ballet career, it’s makes it hard to do something like put her feet flat on the ground and hold her body up. I thought that was interesting. She will need to learn how to compensate for that.

The therapist recommended weekly physical therapy, hopefully to start soon. She also gave me some exercises to work with Savannah in the meantime. I didn’t realize there were so many milestones that Savannah hasn’t met, like moving from laying down to sitting. We’re starting with those transitions – rolling over, moving from a laying down to sitting position, etc. We’re also going to work on desensitizing her feet to the textures, which will hopefully help when she is ready to start standing. I was hoping she would be walking by Christmas, but now I see that there is a lot of work that needs to be done. In some ways I wonder if I should have gotten started with PT earlier. Ah, well.

Also, on an unrelated note, I am super thrilled for my brother and sister-in-law, who are expecting a baby in May! I am so excited for my future niece or nephew! Go to Molly’s blog and leave a note of congrats! :-)

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  1. Lexi had low muscle tone too, it caused her to be delayed in most activities. When the other kids her age were running and jumping, she couldn’t ever catch up (still can’t run as fast as other 4 year olds) She is mostly caught up now, she can do everything, is just a slow runner. So hopefully by the time Savannah is 4 she’ll be all caught up too! (she was 20ish months before she started walking)

  2. Glad to know what is going on with her. I can totally relate to the hyper-sensitive skin and hyper-mobile joints. I have both issues. I am really happy to know that she is going to be getting the help she needs to make progress, and I know it is a HUGE relief to you to know what is going on. I am still going to be praying that she will be walking by Christmas, or at least standing/ pulling up. :)

    Oh, and please take pictures of her sleeping upright. I really want to see that because I know it is going to be cute!

  3. Funny what you don’t realize is out there till you experience it yourself. I haven’t heard of this! Hope the exercises go smoothly and that Savannah remains healthy regardless of what milestones she has accomplished.

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