toy story 3 and leverage

toy story 3 and leverage

For our anniversary, some wonderful people watched Savannah for the evening while Paul and I got a chance to see a movie! Movies are one thing that are just hard to do with a baby. We went to see Toy Story 3 and enjoyed it very much. I did think it was a little on the scary side, though – are all those types of movies that scary, or do kids just not notice that? I guess I do remember getting scared by Disney movies when I was a kid, like The Little Mermaid and Mickey’s Christmas Carol (which has forever ruined that story for me – I still get chills when I think about the Ghost of Christmas Future! *shiver*).

Savannah did great with the Garrisons while we were gone! They took a video of her current mode of travel – scootching!

So, needless to say, she has gotten more mobile in the last week or so! She’s still not very fast, but I am having to start thinking about babyproofing more. One morning, I set her down on the floor of my room and fell asleep on the bed. I woke up to see her in the hallway, sitting at the top step looking down! Phew, talk about waking up fast. I went out and bought some baby gates and things for the kitchen cabinets. :-)

Today Savannah found the cat bowls. She tasted the cat food and happily splashed in the water bowl until it was empty, and then she proceeded to pick up said bowl and bang it against the floor. :-) It was cute.

I also started scrapbooking her first year. I have never really scrapbooked before, so this is a new experience for me. I have pictures from the first 11 months all ready to be placed on the pages, and I am also going to include the monthly letters. It’s a bit daunting/overwhelming, I think. I am much more comfortable designing on the computer where I do “undo” when I don’t like it. I have definitely enjoyed walking through the scrapbooking section of various craft stores, and I look forward to implementing the ideas I have so far. I need to do at least 5 pages a day to make my goal of getting this done before her birthday, and today I did 10 so I think I’m doing pretty good… Now to just keep it up!

While scrapbooking, I’ve been watching TV. For our anniversary, I got Paul season 2 of Leverage. I love that show! One thing I like about the DVDs are the commentaries for every episode. They are entertaining to watch, and really make the episode come more alive. I never realized how much effort they put into the details of the show. I am glad to hear it was renewed for a 4th season. I really, really miss having TNT and being able to watch it live! Actually, I really, really miss having cable in general.

So I might be scarce the next few weeks while I try and get this scrapbooking thing done. I have contemplated taking a break from the Internet in general while I try to get a handle on everything else going on in life (like our house), but I never seem to be able to actually cut myself off. I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, so maybe this project will be a forced break for me.

I hope everyone else is doing well.

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  1. I have a friend who’s son scoots like that, he is really, really fast now. Probably faster than most babies crawl. it’s crazy. I also know other people who have babies who scoot and never crawl! Go Savannah!!

  2. We canceled our cable last year and aren’t really missing it. Between our library (has every TV series on DVD that I want – I just place holds online and then go pick up stuff when it’s ready) hulu, netflix instant play on the playstation (just added veronica mars and pushing daisies!) and our DVD collection we never run out of shows to watch, cable shows are just time-shifted to when they come out on DVD. It has worked really well for us. Although we did break down and purchased a season pass for Futurama on iTunes =)

  3. Suddenly, I feel very old. I was in HIGH SCHOOL when The Little Mermaid came out!

    My oldest niece sampled the cat food at our house when she was 2. My mom was keeping her at the time because my sister was in the hospital giving birth to baby #2. My mom brought #1 over to my house. She followed Calvin into the kitchen, was in there for a while, then came out with her mouth stuffed full of cat food! My mom was horrified and kept saying, “Your sister is going to kill me!” while I laughed hysterically. LOL. Thankfully, my sister thought it was funny.

  4. Amanda: Yeah, I think after this experience, I will do digital scrapbooking in the future. Being a graphic designer, it’s so much faster for me, and while I had fun with this, I think I would enjoy digital a lot more. I’d love to scrapbook our Dominican Republic trip, and if I do it will be digital.

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