still here

still here


I’ve had SUCH a rough week. Week and a half? I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve felt like myself.

The thrush seems to be getting better – the ointment my midwife gave me seems to have worked. The clogged ducts are still there and painful. Savannah has decided to stop nursing on that side, which is bad because I need her to nurse and clear the clogs. My attempts at clearing them myself with massaging, warm compresses, and pumping are fruitless. So every day it’s the same struggle – me trying to get her to nurse, she putting up a fuss. Sometimes I can get her to do it, sometimes I don’t and we just nurse from the other side.

Every day I’ve been feeling yucky. Headaches, feeling feverish (though not very bad), and generally lack of energy.

My house looks terrible. Laundry desperately needs to be done. All our dishes are dirty and we seem to just wash only the ones we need before each meal. Trash is piling up because I haven’t the energy to get the new kitchen trash can I bought, put a bag in, and start filling it. It’s ridiculous.

I really need to sweep, but I used our only broom to sweep outside and now it’s covered in yellow pollen. Bad Ashley! We keep going through brooms because we use the broom handles to attach to the rollers and paint the ceiling. You’d think we’d learn not to do that! Every time we’ve done it (3 times now!!), it has snapped the broom handle and we’ve had to go buy a new broom.

Savannah’s also been really fussy the past few days. She hasn’t napped well since we got back from the Dominican Republic – I used to get at least one 2 or 3 hour nap from her a day, and usually a second nap as well, but now it seems like 90 minutes is as much as I can hope for. She gets overtired and refuses to go down for a nap. She screams and won’t nurse, won’t let me hold her, doesn’t want her paci, doesn’t want to lay down, doesn’t want to sit up… She just screams and screams. And combine that with a Mommy who doesn’t feel well… I’m just almost at my wit’s end. Paul coming home at the end of the day is my only saving grace.

Well sitting at the computer is not making my headache go away. And it seems that she has woken up – only an hour, oh well.

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  1. I’m so sorry you’re having a rough time :-(. I wish I was closer :-/. I can pray for you, though! I hope things look up soon.

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