best friends

best friends

Beth and I have been best friends since middle school. She had a daughter in October of 2008, and when I found out I was having a girl too we decided that our girls would be best friends, too! Beth moved from Texas to Alabama last summer, and we decided that since we live only 3 hours apart we should meet halfway once a month for a few hours, to see each other again and to let our girls have a chance to play.

I realized last month that March was going to be really crazy for me, between all the visitors we’ve had and getting ready for our trip. So I suggested we skip March and just get together in April. Then last week I got an email newsletter from Kelly’s Closet, an online cloth diaper store where Beth and I both got the majority of our diapers. It was talking about their “Cute Baby” photo contest. It said:

“There is nothing cuter than a baby in cloth diapers! That’s why we’re asking you to submit your cutest photos to our new Cute Baby of the Cloth photo contest… The March theme is: ‘Best Friends.’ Submit photos of your cloth-diapered cuties with their grandparents, siblings, four-legged friends, other babies, stuffed animals or anyone they love spending time with. Remember, a cloth diaper must be in the picture!”

I immediately emailed Beth and told her about it. I said, “I know this month is crazy, but I totally want to get a picture of Maddie and Savannah in their diapers and matching shirts!” It worked out best for today to meet at a Cracker Barrel halfway between her house and mine. It worked out well, because my sister was able to come along for the ride. She took all the pictures for us, so we were able to get a picture of the four of us! Also, it gave Amy and I a mid-week break from painting.

We took a bunch of pictures, but here are some highlights:

Savannah and Maddie
When we first put them in the rocking chairs, Maddie wasn’t sure what to make of Savannah sitting next to her!

Savannah and Maddie
She was okay with it pretty quickly.

Savannah and Maddie
The photo we submitted to the contest. I think they look like best friends sharing a secret!

The girls were getting tired of this photo session
We didn’t get a great picture of all four of us, because the girls were getting tired of the photo session. But I think this one is nice of Beth and I. :-)

It was a lot of fun. People commented a lot on the babies – they kept asking if Maddie and Savannah were twins! I thought that was funny. Not only do they look nothing alike, but they are 10 1/2 months apart! (And when you’re under 2, that’s a pretty big age difference.) I guess if you wear the same shirt then you must be twins, right?

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness. I LOVE the pictures! So cute. And I agree, the one you sent for the contest is perfect! I wonder what secret they were sharing. :-)

    In the middle picture of the girls it looks like Savannah just told a joke that Maddie found funny.

  2. Beth: What are you still doing awake this late?? :-) I am glad you like the pictures! I was pretty happy with them. It was soooo hard to choose the best one!

    I totally agree about the middle picture – I wonder what the joke was. :-)

  3. I’m learning to knit, and I was finishing up a scarf I was working on. I may post about it later this week.

    Also, since I’m not on the computer during the day, I go through my Google reader at night and I lost track of the time.

    Off to bed!

  4. Very cute! They are both getting big. I hope they win the contest. Also, sounds like y’all had a really fun day!

  5. Those pics are just too precious! I love their matching BFF shirts! I think it’s really neat that you and your best friend get together every month. I should start trying to do more of that with my friends, many of whom live even closer than yours. Hmmmm.

    I think people just always assume that if little kids are dressed alike, they must be twins. My mom used to make matching outfits for my sister and me. My sis is 3 years older. People used to ask if we were twins. We were nowhere near each other in size, seeing as we’re 3 years apart. Silly.

  6. So cute. Let me know if there’s any voting involved and I’ll vote for yours! When Daniel and I took a walk with Jer and Timmy, both in carriers (when Timmy was about a month old or so), a few people asked us if they were twins- And they’re two years apart!!

  7. Anne Marie: I find that having a routine for seeing friends is the best way when your paths don’t cross regularly. :-) Beth and I try to get together once a month. We go up to Indiana at least once a year, and try to see everyone we can on that trip.

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