I have been enjoying watching the Olympics. Amy and I watched the opening ceremonies on Friday, and I’ve been catching it in the evenings and sometimes in the afternoons as well. I’ve also been live-tweeting, which has been fun! (Especially when people respond to me!) Today I discovered that the USA channel is showing Olympic coverage too, so I am currently tuned in to the US-Germany woman’s curling game. I am trying really hard to make heads or tails of this sport, but am still just as confused. Oh well.

Anyone else following the Olympics? What did you think of the opening ceremonies? I enjoyed it; the light show on the floor was so cool. I’ve been enjoying the figure skating, too, of course. So far I’ve managed to miss any speed skating :-( which is unfortunate. I hope they show more later.

I am closing with a commercial that makes me smile and brings some tears to my eyes!

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  1. Aww do you not get them at all? We had “cable” in Peru (US broadcast channels), but for the summer Olympics they always preempted NBC in favor of the Peruvian coverage which showed…. weightlifting. Peruvians hardly even know that the winter Olympics exist, so we were able to watch them! :-)

    I missed the 2008 Summer Olympics because we didn’t get any TV, and because I was in the middle of a mental breakdown at the time and just really had too much else going on to pay attention to the games. I was really disappointed about that… But here’s to 2012!

  2. That commercial is so cute, thanks for sharing it. I haven’t seen any US commercials as I’m in Vancouver, and have only been watching Canadian coverage. Tomorrow I get to go to a figure skating training session, not as cool as an event, but a whole lot cheaper!

  3. Robyn: That is so cool!! I was in Atlanta when the Olympics were here in 1996, and it’s one of my big regrets that I didn’t take more advantage of seeing the games. We did get to see some of the field hockey games (the qualifying ones), so it is fun to say I attended some of the Olympic games. :-) I hope you really enjoy the training session! And I hope you’re able to enjoy being able to feel the energy of the Olympics in person!

  4. I was actually telling Lindsay that it would be absolutely amazing to have an opportunity to compete. I would personally love to compete in TKD for Cambodia (since they only just re-entered the Olympic scene in Beijing). It’s not likely, but it would be sweet.

  5. Sopeak: If you ever do that, I will totally tell the entire world that I know an Olympic athlete personally. ;-) :-) So you better get working on that TKD! London 2012! Or Rio de Janeiro 2016?

  6. Yeah, well – the kicker is that the Olympic style of taekwondo is WTF and I’m currently practicing ITF… and unfortunately, the 2 organizations don’t get along. Too many politics.

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