100,000 miles

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So do y’all remember this post?

Paul and I got our car – Corrie – shortly before we got married. She still had dealer tags when we drove off to our honeymoon!
Decorating the car

This week, Corrie crossed over 100,000 miles! That means we have gone 65,000 miles together in the past 3 1/2 years. This makes me get all mushy and romantic, thinking of all the fun times we’ve had together. It also signifies the time spent together and going places since we’ve been married. We have had a lot of discussions on long road trips – from serious talks about our future, to silly laughter, to whimsical daydreams. We’ve transported two dogs, two cats, a baby, and countless numbers of friends and family. (Last weekend we also added a carseat and carried around someone else’s baby for the first time!) We have used it to move 4 different times, and to help our friends move. (Corrie has been registered to three different counties in the metro Atlanta area!) We have gone on 11 camping trips together in the Corolla, and look forward to about 2 months when we can start camping again (!!!). I couldn’t even begin to count the number of times we’ve visited Florida, Indiana, and North Carolina – and all the states in between! And we can’t forget Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, South Carolina!

I don’t think we’ve ever slept in the car, but we have done a few all-night drives. We have gone star-gazing using the sunroof. We have packed the trunk so tightly that there isn’t a single bit of room. We’ve been to the beach, to the mountains, and to midwest cornfields. We have used the top of the trunk countless times as a baby changing table. We have cranked the music, we have listened to audio books, we have been encouraged by recordings of sermons. Sometimes we just enjoy the silence. We’ve seen all sorts of weather, all range of temperatures (well, maybe not the single digits… but definitely three digits!).

This Corolla was our first major purchase together, the first and only time we’ve financed something other than our house and education. We celebrated financial success when we paid her off after 21 months. In December of 2008, we sold our other car and have been relying on Corrie solely since then. The fact that we’re able to do that makes us happy – another form of success, success in simplifying our lives.

I love my car, but most of all I love the man who I’ve been able to share all of this with. It’s been a fun 3 1/2 years. We’ve been on ups and downs (literally!) and we’re still going strong. Here’s to another 100,000 miles together! :-)

100,000 miles!

Me driving to Indiana

Dining table

Tent and car

Savannah takes the wheel

the joys of solid food

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We started Savannah on solids last week. We started with some rice cereal mixed with breastmilk, which she took pretty well. It was really liquidy at first, so after a few spoonfuls, I put it in a bottle and she finished it off eagerly. I did the same the next day, and then after that I mixed it with water and kept it the consistency of grits (so, not as liquidy). This stayed on the spoon much better and was much less messy in feeding to her!

She has taken to the solids pretty well. A few days ago, we gave her some mashed banana but she wrinkled her nose and spit it out. I decided to wait a little bit before trying again. Then, the past two days, I’ve given her some pureed peas. At first bite she wrinkled her nose, but ate it. (It was really cute!) Then she opened her mouth for more. She’s figured out the concept of the spoon – she opens her mouth when she sees it coming and moves forward and closes her mouth over the food on the spoon. She doesn’t spit anything back out, but swallows it all. I’d say she’s learning fast!

I had been warned about the solid food diapers, and wondered when they would start. Yesterday at one point I sniffed and said, “Oh! You need a diaper change!” I don’t usually smell the dirty diapers when her clothes are still on, so I knew this would be a doozy. And hooo-eee! It was! It was dark and thick and smelled HORRIBLE! Savannah, as is her habit, immediately stuck her hand in her dirty diaper when I opened it, so then I had to clean off her hand and everything her hand touched, and then hold all her appendages while I tackled the diaper. I swear I need to grow a few more arms. Four baby wipes later, the mess was all in the trash (she was wearing a disposable because all her cloth diapers were in the wash), she had a new diaper and a new outfit on. The diaper didn’t leak, but all three pieces of her outfit got dirty as I was trying to control her flailing arms and clean the diaper.

I’m sure every mom is laughing at me, but I was surprised at this new experience! I really need to get a diaper sprayer…

tummy trouble

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Starting after Savannah was born, I had trouble with intense pain in the right side of my abdomen. It would hit pretty suddenly and last a few hours, and then go away. Usually I was lay awake moaning until the pain was gone. Being the type of person I am, I ignored it and assumed it was nothing. After it happened 4 times in the course of about 5 months, Paul told me he wanted me to make a doctor’s appointment. I dragged my feet, and decided to consult the experts (i.e. my friends on Facebook) to see if this could be something serious. As you know, my biggest fear is that the doctor will blow me off!

Two friends who have had their gallbladders removed said they had the same symptoms, and encouraged me to make a doctor’s appointment. So I found a doctor by my new house, and went to see him last week.

Apparently it’s pretty common for women to have gallbladder issues after having children. The doctor was great and took everything I said seriously, and was so nice. He said I needed an ultrasound, which I went in for today. That will tell him if I have any gallstones, and what to do from there. I really really hope this is the problem, and that I don’t have to go through a battery of tests to figure it out! (Maybe I watch too much House.) The ultrasound technician told me today that the doctor should have the results from the ultrasound by the end of this week, so if he doesn’t call me by Friday then I’ll call him.

So yeah. That’s what’s new on my end. :-)

dear savannah: six months

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I love Savannah's smile

Dear Savannah,

Today you are 6 months old. I can’t believe it’s already been half a year since you were born. Time passes so fast!

We added three more states to your map this month: Alabama, South Carolina, and North Carolina. You also saw your first (significant) snowfall. You weren’t sure about that cold white stuff! You have been watching your first Olympics – the winter games in Vancouver. You aren’t that impressed, but sometimes you’ll focus on the TV for a little bit.

Developmentally you’ve grown a lot this month. You are now able to sit completely by yourself, and we’ve started being able to put you in high chairs. You will steady yourself with your hand, but you still fall over after a while. Your doctor says you should be able to roll over, but you just haven’t realized it yet. I am trying not to be the paranoid mommy. :-)

We love baths!

You are starting to take a bath in the bathtub which you like a lot. You love to splash with your hands and feet! Speaking of feet, you are always kicking them! We got you a doorway jumper and you quickly figured that out and are making good use of it. Your interest in toys has gotten especially strong this month, as you’re able to grasp and pull things. You love to hold onto your paci with your hand, and chew on it sideways. You are interacting and playing with anything that is within your reach. It makes eating with you in my lap much more difficult!

You had your first bit of solid food this past week – some rice cereal mixed with yummy breastmilk. You were more concerned about trying to remove your bib than eating the cereal, though. We’ll keep working on that! You don’t have any teeth yet, but I’m sure they aren’t far off because of the drooling and chewing.

You have also started laughing this month. I love to try and get you to laugh by tickling your toes or kissing your tummy. You are generous with your smiles, but your laughs are quieter and not as frequent. We love it when we do hear it, though!

It’s been a lot of fun interacting with you this month. I definitely am enjoying getting to know who you are, and I can’t wait to discover more!

Love, Mommy

Hanging out


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I have been enjoying watching the Olympics. Amy and I watched the opening ceremonies on Friday, and I’ve been catching it in the evenings and sometimes in the afternoons as well. I’ve also been live-tweeting, which has been fun! (Especially when people respond to me!) Today I discovered that the USA channel is showing Olympic coverage too, so I am currently tuned in to the US-Germany woman’s curling game. I am trying really hard to make heads or tails of this sport, but am still just as confused. Oh well.

Anyone else following the Olympics? What did you think of the opening ceremonies? I enjoyed it; the light show on the floor was so cool. I’ve been enjoying the figure skating, too, of course. So far I’ve managed to miss any speed skating :-( which is unfortunate. I hope they show more later.

I am closing with a commercial that makes me smile and brings some tears to my eyes!