goals for 2010

goals for 2010

This year it’s going to be different.

I always say that. And my resolutions are usually forgotten by the end of January. But yet, I keep making them. This New Year’s is no different because I really need to make some dramatic improvements in my life before I get too far down this spiral.

My resolutions are the same as everyone’s, I suppose. Lose weight. Take charge of our finances. Be more responsible. I’m trying to create actual steps to achieve these goals, and focus on the steps so that I don’t get too frustrated.

Weight – I’d love to lose 25 lbs in 2010. Since I’m breastfeeding I’m not going to mess with my diet too much. I’m going to cut back my Coke consumption, stop eating if I’m not hungry, and focus on healthier snacks. I’m going to go on daily walks with Savannah around my neighborhood.

Finances – Be faithful to the budget. Use cash for areas I tend to overspend (food, misc). Stop paying retail. Save, save, save – we have so many upcoming expenses we need to save up for!

Responsibility – This is more focused on my current job as a homemaker and mother. I have a list of 7 daily tasks I want to aim to complete every day. Paul and I have made a “tackle box” – a list of small, free or cheap things that need to be tackled around the house. We are going to try and tackle one a week. I hope this helps keep me motivated! Perhaps talking about it on my blog will help with accountability.

I think having a written to do list will help with these goals, and also using the timer on my iPod Touch will keep me from being overwhelmed. I need to take better advantage of Savannah’s naptimes – too often I spend it doing nothing!

Any advice for motivation? What are your goals for this year?

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