cloth diapering

cloth diapering

Savannah's new cloth diaper!

You know you’re a mom when…
…you write about diapers on your blog. :-)

So on Savannah’s two month birthday, I decided to make the switch to cloth diapers. I always intended on doing cloth, but with the house and the move and then the trip to Indiana I decided it was better to stay with disposables for the time being. I’m glad I did, too – it would have been so tough because I only spent a few hours awake at my apartment (where the washer/dryer was) each day. It would have been so frustrating to try and make time to wash the diapers!

Before she was born, I polled a few friends who also cloth diaper, and decided to go with Baby Kangas. They are all-in-one pocket diapers. That means I don’t need a separate cover for them, and they have an insert that is washed along with the pocket. They also snap up and down so they should last throughout Savannah’s entire diaper stage.

Baby Kangas

My dear friend Susan also made some diapers for me as a gift! These snap down as well, but need a separate cover. She made me a cover, and I also bought two adorable Bummies Super Whisper Wrap covers.

Handmade cloth diapers

So far, I’m a fan of cloth diapers! It took a day or two to get used to the extra bulk, but now I don’t notice it. The first thing I did notice was no more leaks! Savannah was dirtying at least one outfit a day with leaking disposables, even if I was buying name brand and being good about changing her frequently. I also noticed that I don’t have to wipe her as much with dirty diapers. I guess the cloth just absorbs that much better. I can only imagine that it’s better for her little tush – I haven’t had any problems with diaper rashes so far, but I certainly don’t want to start!

I still haven’t found a good washing routine – I am trying different ways to see what works the best. Anyone have a front-loading washer and a good routine you want to share with me?

I think my only annoyance with cloth is the diaper bag. I have a small bag that I use for when I’m not going to be out that long. It’s not as bulky as the big diaper bag, so I’m a fan. However, I can only fit one cloth diaper in it (as opposed to 3-4 disposables). But, not the end of the world!

If you’re reading this before Oct. 30th, then check out Sara’s post on diapers, and it includes a giveaway!

And, I highly recommend my friend Beth’s blog for lots of information about how to cloth diaper. I keep referring back to it – especially when I was trying prefolds! :-)

New diapers

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  1. Yay! I’m glad they’re working so well for you. I wish I started CDing well before Johnny ate solids. That would have been nice. Oh well.

    Our diaper pail hangs over a doorknob. Some people have two, but we just have the one. I tend to wash diapers at night when he won’t need a diaper change for awhile.

    ALSO yes, isn’t it nice how cloth leaks so much less?

  2. I got a cheap kitchen trash can from Walmart that I use for the diapers. I tried to just hang the bag, but I found it difficult to shake the inserts out while trying to hold the bag open.

  3. She is getting SOOOOOO big. What a cutie!

    How does she like them? Do you think she can tell the difference or responds/reacts to them?

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