dear savannah: two months

dear savannah: two months

I was trying to get her to smile

Dear Savannah,

Today you are two months old. What a big girl you’re getting to be! You are such a part of my life now that I can hardly imagine the time you weren’t.

You’ve had a lot of firsts this month. Your first trip to Ikea, your first festival, and your first road trip! Earlier this month we took you to the Atlanta Greek Festival. You slept most of the time in the sling, proving what a good baby you are. You also went with us to a corn maze. We wandered around the corn field in the dark before we found our way out. We went with a lot of friends from church and they all wanted to hear your birth story again.

Also this month you had your first road trip! You have now visited Ohio and Indiana, and driven through Tennessee and Kentucky. You and I walked all around Taylor’s campus and I bought you a Taylor hat at the bookstore! You went to your first wedding, which you did very well and didn’t fuss at all. You did pretty well in the car – you got fussy after about 8 hours on the way up and after 9 hours on the way back. I hope you continue to travel well, because trips to Indiana will always be part of your life! You met a lot of our dear friends on this trip, and I enjoyed showing you off. I love that you will let anyone hold you.

You’re doing awesome at holding up your head all the time now. It makes being able to carry you into the store a lot easier. I love it when you put one arm over my shoulder! You are awake more often now, and you aren’t sleeping as heavy as you used to. You hate it when it’s quiet and the phone rings, and often cry loudly as I’m trying to answer it. You still are sleeping about 5 hours solid at night, and waking up every two hours after that. I am so glad to get that much sleep.

You are full of smiles and grins! It completely melts my heart. I love it when you just look at me and burst into a huge smile. Your eyes are my favorite part – they still look very blue, and I hope that color is here to stay. You haven’t lost all of your thick dark hair but you’ve lost some of it from where your head touches when you lay down. You have discovered your fist and LOVE putting it in your mouth! At first it was just when you were hungry but now it’s more when you are just sitting there idly. I hope you don’t become a thumb sucker!!

You continue to amaze us and make us very happy! We look forward to getting to know you better!

Love, Mommy

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  1. Aww, happy.

    What a big month for a little girl! I was so glad to meet her this month, and am delighted I could be the background for your picture of her (which means, I got to spend all morning holding her instead of going to work!)

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