more quick takes

more quick takes

Sometimes it’s easier to do bullet points than write blog posts!

* I’m still unpacking. I had a wonderful week, but it wasn’t ALL that productive in the unpacking department. I am still quite lazy and haven’t seem to gotten in the “I’d better get some work done now while Savannah is sleeping” groove yet. I need to learn to force myself to do stuff in the time I have instead of waiting until I feel like it.

* My mom left today for a two week trip to Germany and Turkey. I’m going to miss her! I always miss her when she travels.

* We finally got the washer and dryer hooked up today! Hooray! I was completely out of clothes for Savannah and had to break into the 3 month clothes. (Don’t you love how in just a week a baby can go through her entire wardrobe??) We had some issues with hooking it up, which is why it took so long.

* I have been trying to take a daily walk around my neighborhood. I want Savannah to be used to the outside, and the exercise is good for me. I even met some of my neighbors! That was nice. It’s sooo hard for me to force myself to meet people – my shyness keeps me from making that effort.

* The other day I put on a sweater for the first time this fall. It was a bit snug, and I thought to myself, “Wow, have I gained weight?” Then I was like, duh of course I have. :-) Pregnancy seems so far away! I have my post-partum appointment on Tuesday and I am looking forward to seeing how much of my baby weight I’ve lost.

* We went to the Atlanta Greek Festival today! They have good food there. We enjoyed it. We sat through a cooking demonstration and learned how to make baklava. I carried Savannah in the sling because I knew it would be crowded. We saw a ton of strollers there, and I was just so grateful that we didn’t have to wrestled with a stroller the whole time. Yay for slings! :-)

* I have been uploading pictures to Facebook and Flickr – not sure if I’ve uploaded the same pictures to each place; I think not.

Okay I am really tired and think I’ll head to bed soon! We’re going to attempt Sunday morning church tomorrow!

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  1. Love the quick takes!

    Also…I know what you mean about old clothes being snug. Even once your weight returns to normal, your body might be a different shape for awhile. Mine certainly was! It’s like it took awhile for my hips to shrink up again. Crazy things!

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