summer winding down

summer winding down

We are usually pretty busy in the summers. We pack our weekends with camping and traveling, usually to weddings and/or reunions. This summer has been a very different summer for us because the traveling ended in the middle of June and so did the camping. :-( (I would like to point out that I’m very proud of myself for tent camping in my third trimester. I bet not a lot of moms can say that!) For me, this summer has been significant because it has meant “get ready for the baby”. In some ways it’s nice to have a baby due at the end of the season; as summer activities are winding down, so is my energy. Fall things are gearing up but I’ve been very hesitant to make any sort of commitment.

I’m moving really slowly these days. The past two weeks or so especially – I find that scheduling more than one activity a day is really pushing my energy endurance! I struggle to walk any period of time, and when I do I walk so slowly. Poor Paul is always having to adjust his stride to be able to walk next to me. It’s been frustrating because I want to get out of the house but I’m really not up for anything. In the past week I’ve felt my body changing. I can’t explain it really – just feeling things that are obviously baby-related but not baby movements. (Braxton-Hicks perhaps? I can’t tell.) My midwife told me that it’s my cervix and pelvis getting ready.

Today I stopped by the pediatrician I found and got to meet her and some of the office staff. I really liked her a lot! My biggest question was about vaccinations – I know I don’t want the hepatitis B vaccine, and I haven’t made up my mind about all the others yet. This practice is very willing to work with parents, and I was happy to hear that. I am excited to have that crossed off my list, and to have found someone who right now I feel comfortable with.

I’ve been feeling a little on the lonely side these days, since I am home all day. I was afraid this would happen – one of the negatives of staying home full-time! So I have tentatively added a few lunch dates to see friends one last time before the baby comes. I hope that gets me enough people time to last to the end of this pregnancy and the beginning of life with a newborn before I can get out and see people again! This is my extrovert side coming out. :-)

Also on the forefront of my mind is my cat Lewis, who continues to not eat but the vet has no idea what’s wrong. I am worried if he’s behaving like this now, what is it going to be like when we bring a baby home? We are also still waiting to hear if we’re going to be able to buy this house we’ve had our eye on. I put a little countdown on our sidebar, to keep track of how long it’s been! As of today, it has been 3 months and 14 days since we put in the initial offer on the house (on May 5th). We are so close to being able to get the keys! At this point, it seems more likely that we WILL get it, unless we decide to walk away for whatever reason. Let me tell you, I don’t know that I would ever pursue another short sale again. I mean, the price is great, but this has just been one hassle after another. I plan to write another post about this when all is said and done. In the meantime, I stress about what will happen if our apartment lease is up and the selling bank is still “thinking” (it’s a long story). And knowing that we could be moving and having a baby in the next month is stressing me a lot too. (I stress easily.)

I think that’s about it for now. I have to go wash some diapers. I ordered a “Try It” kit of prefolds, so now I have some of those and some pocket diapers. We’ll figure out later which ones I like better. :-) In the meantime, I have all the newborn disposable diapers I’ve gotten so far all arranged nicely on the bathroom counter (the changing area). I got some baskets from Goodwill and everything looks all nice and neat and ready for baby! Nearby I have all the pocket diapers stuffed and ready to go, and I’ll add the prefolds to that stack when I finish washing them. I should take a picture, because I’m sure this is the last time everything is going to look this great, right?

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  1. Take it easy these last few days….it’s interesting how much being pregnant takes out of you! I never napped or felt the real need to rest much with any of my pregnancies…but since having #3 3 weeks ago, I’m WIPED! My husband will be playing with the boys and I’ll just fall asleep on our bed with the baby. It’s exhausting being pregnant and recovering from pregnancy…take care of yourself and I suggest indulging in a prenatal massage this week!! They’re AMAZING!

  2. Yes, you’re right — it IS the last time everything will look nice and neat. It’s amazing how fast baby clutter takes over, when you don’t have time or energy to pick up every 5 minutes. I just finished an enormous pile of laundry (accumulated over 2 days) for Will, and Marty and I couldn’t help but remark that an 11-pound person made that much laundry — more than Marty and I make together in a week! But then, you’re having a girl, so you won’t be dealing with the impromptu peeing that we deal with. :) However, you will be dealing with spit-up, which makes plenty of dirty laundry by itself.
    Anyway — I know what you’re talking about, RE: feeling your body change. Unfortunately, I felt sick along with those feelings, and that was because my blood pressure was climbing. As long as you’re not feeling sick, just embrace those changes because it means less time to wait to get the big show on the road. You’re going to do great, Ashley! And I promise, you feel a lot better as soon as the baby comes out. I’ve lost over 30 pounds in the 6 weeks since Will has been with us, and I feel so much better — I felt big as a house in my last couple weeks!

  3. Thanks for the encouragement! I really hope a lot of these physical discomforts go away when the baby is born, especially the heartburn.

    prov31girl2be: Everyone says that #3 is the hardest transition. I know it was for my mom – she said my brother and I never fought until our baby sister was born. But I’m sure you’ll find your groove and hopefully won’t be so exhausted!

    Becky: I am so glad you understand what I mean about my body changing. I’ve been trying to explain it to Paul but I just can’t seem to describe it.

  4. Ditto what becky said!!! You WILL feel so much better as soon as you deliver!!! Since you’re nursing the weight will fall right off!! I’ve lost 20lbs in the past 3 weeks :-)

    Ditto also to the laundry! UGH! LAUNDRY! I run at LEAST 2 loads a day….the spit-up alone ahhhhhhhhhhh! Thankfully, we’re not dealing with the pee all over the place every time you open the diaper thing this time around! LOL

    That’s interesting everyone says #3 is the hardest transition….We personally found going from 1 to 2 a HORROR! They were 18 months apart and our oldest wasn’t too happy about the addition! haha. He STILL wasn’t happy with this latest addition either. It seems to have brought our boys closer together, though #2 really loves his new sister and #1 has adjusted much better lately. I appreciate the encouragement….I think you’re right that soon we’ll find “our groove” I’m hoping the doctor can shed some light on why our oldest doesn’t sleep well…he’s up at all hours of the night!

    I can’t believe you’re down to the last week in your countdown! I remember when the ticker first popped up on your site when you were 16 weeks!! I was SO excited to see it since I’d read about your loss. This is all so exciting!! You MUST be feeling VERY eager to meet that baby girl!!

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